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This is just Michelle wearing a mask. The mask does not have any special powers and it does not conceal his identity in the slightest.



Masked Michelle is a footsies-oriented character, with a strong disjointed move in 5B and a strong, if narrow, dragon punch in 2X. However, the defining characteristic of M. Michelle is his Ultra 1, which is quite fast and deals an insane amount of damage. Ultra 1 is the centerpiece of M. Michelle's whiff punish game and allows him to cut through enemies unfortunate enough to not have picked Super or Stamina type. M. Michelle's lack of approach tool is his biggest weakness, but patient approaches utilizing parry and 2X to prevent the opponent from jumping away will eventually force an opponent to make a mistake or open an opportunity to punish.

Recommended Types: Stamina, Super

Stamina M. Michelle would prefer to be an anchor so that he can always have the threat of Ultra 1 available. Stamina will ensure that he does not fall victim to the same strategy that he employs, and Speed will allow him to move into the optimal position to execute that strategy.

Super M. Michelle makes his footsie game stronger in exchange to losing his damaging ultra 1. Super type M. Michelle would prefer to be a point or a middle, since he doesn't rely much on the EX moves.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame.
2A 5 Low 3 frames.
j.A 15 Overhead Standard long-lasting kick, but has a slow startup. Often used to mixup with j.B.
5B 15*2(28) Mid 2 hit fairly fast long range poke with, Disjointed hitbox. Can be used as situational anti air. Unlike Michelle's 5B, it links from 5A and 2A.
2B 25 Low Very good long range low poke. Disjointed hitbox.
j.B 20 Overhead Moves M. Michelle down and forward, like a divekick. Mix in with j.A and 2X to approach. Hitbox only exists around M. Michelle's legs, so not useful as anti-air. When used in maximum jump height, j.B will not hit the opponent at all. This can bait out the opponent to block and Michelle can throw instead after landing.
5X 15*3(39) Mid M. Michelle dashes to the opponent and swings a sword 3 times. Requires specific amounts of gravity scaling to juggle properly depending on character.[1] On midrange, 5X can be used to as a ground approach tool thanks to the high speed of the dash. It can be used to do meaty against the opponent on wakeup, as the dash at startup allows M. Michelle to follow the direction of the opponent's ukemi.
2X 15*3(39) Mid Invulnerable DP with very little landing lag. Misses sometimes when the opponent is at the same position as Michelle.
j.X 10*9(31+) Overhead Michellecopter. Keeps horizontal momentum. Almost impossible to get all the hits.
5EX 10, 15*5(50) Mid Not nearly as comboable as its meterless counterpart. If not used close to the opponent, the last hits may be missed even on hit, allowing M. Michelle to get punished during the animation. Use it as approaching reversal and for going through fireballs.
2EX 25*3(69) Mid Hits 3 times only against airborne opponent. High reward anti-air.
j.EX 15*9(48+) Overhead Useful getting out of corner and charging to the opponent from fullscreen. Seemingly impossible to get all the hits. Generates a lot of Boko when guarded in the corner.
Ultra 1 (Y) 20*14(158) Mid Huge damage, and also 100% projectile invulnerable. Not useful for wakeup oki, as the combo sequence only starts if the opponent gets hit; M. Michelle's movements whiff otherwise because the initial attack has no range.
Ultra 2 (j.Y) 30*4(108) Overhead M. Michelle's only move for a safe approach. He travels about 2/3 of the screen in a straight line while being completely invulnerable and falls down with a trajectory. It has almost no landing recovery and is very plus on block. Not so useful in combos compared to U1.
Throw 30,15(45) Grab 2 hit throw, can kyanta cancel to followup.
Taunt - - Grants 1 EX Gauge.

Sample Combos


5A/2A , 2B
5A/2A , 5B
5A/2A , 5X [2]
5A/2A , 2X
5A/2A , Ultra 1. Less hits more damage.

5A/2A(1-3) , 5X , 5A , 2B [1]
5A/2A(1-3) , 5X , 2EX [1]
5A/2A(1-3) , 5X , 5A , 5A , 5X , 5A , 5A , 2X

  • Only hits large characters

Throw(1) > KC , 2B , 2B , 5X , 5A , 5X , 5A , 5A , 2X

  • Big characters (Spike?) only.

Throw(2) > KC , 2B , 5A , 5X , 5A , 5X , 5A , 5A , 2X

  • For Rare's wonky hurtbox. The throw's second hit hits much earlier than it looks, must be KC'd very early.

Throw(1) , KC , 2B , KC , j.B(Flash Bonus) , 5A , 5A , 5A , 5A , 5X , 5A , 2X

Well Done
Mask Michelle
Katana Kyanta
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 5X only hits twice on following characters: Well Done, Nanatsu, Gyanta, Masao, Taro, Hatoyan, Masako and Kinoko. Followups after 5X are not guaranteed against those characters.
  2. At corner, 5X does not link against K.Kyanta and Hisomi unless characters are in point-blank range.