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Below is a list of changes from Love Max to Six Stars. This list comes from two pastebins by C001357: character changes and Arcana changes. It may not be 100% accurate or complete.

Original source:

Character Changes

Amanohara Minori


Dragon Rush - ground, 236 + attack

Strike Dragon - ground, 623 + attack

Assault Dragon - air, 623 + attack

Rising Dragon - ground, 28 + attack

Ryuuho Bohler - ground/air, 214 + A, considered as a special during combo

Ryuugi Buch - ground/air, 214 + B, considered as a special during combo

Ryuusei Aman - ground, 214 + C, increases damage of specials (especially Baldur's), enables activation of Ultimate Dragon Legend

Accel Dragon Rush - ground, 236+AB

Strike Dragon Impact - ground/air, 236+AB

Ryuushuu Schwaltz - ground/air, 214+AB, considered as a super during combo

Critical Heart

Ultimate Dragon Legend - ground, 641236+AB when Ryuusei Aman is active, uses 3 gauge

(during Extend Force) Ultimate Dragon Legend - ground, 641236+AB when Ryuusei Aman is active, uses 3 gauge

Aino Heart

Heartful Punch - hitboxes of 1st hit carry over to startup of 2nd hit

Heartful Punch followup - limited to 1 in the air, shorter recovery on landing, shorter recovery in air version

Ribbon Beam A - added movement range

Love Tekken Punch (charged) - added guard crush property, shorter active frames

Tsuzura Saki

6C - can now chain into 5E, 2E

Claimh Solais A - considered on the ground during attack; starts with full body invulnerability, during attack, has lower body invulnerability; lower damage, added damage proration to 1st hit, shorter hitbox at the upper region

Claimh Solais B - during active frames, has shorter hurtbox at upper region

La'a - added time to input command; added damage proration to 1st hit; during attack, considered on the ground

Tokinomiya Kamui

6A - changed blowback course, lower region of close hitbox expanded

Uruma C - faster charge, shorter active frames

Habaki - lighter damage proration on first hit, added guardstun in A version

Kanna - changed command to 63214 + attack


2A - faster startup

JB - lighter damage proration

Hayate Tsuki 6C followup - added chip damage

Takinobori - shorter knockback

Doton no Jutsu - expanded hurtbox horizontally, now unable to mash cancel into followups

Izuna Otoshi no Jutsu - increased damage

Konoha Otoshi no Jutsu - shorter time to complete command

Kasuga Maori

3B - hurtbox at upper region shortened to clash hitbox

J6B - changed to 2 hits, now able to chain into JC, JE, air specials, can now be jump cancelled

6C - changed blowback course on 2nd hit, able to chain into 2C

JC - shorter recovery

JE - shorter counter frames

Ouka no Mai - now advances when attacking

Hikejigake (ground) - no counter frames, faster startup, shorter recovery, takes longer to go into air

Hikejigake (air) - no counter frames, shorter recovery

Kagura Sonae - shorter recovery

Taima no Zuikaku - faster startup


4A - added hitstop, shorter recovery, heavier damage proration

2A - expanded hitbox and hurtbox in front, heavier damage proration

5B - faster startup, expanded hitbox after startup, lower damage

6B - now 2 hits

Genbu Toujin - hitbox in front of 2nd hit expanded

Chikatsu Tenshin - shorter invulnerability time

Shisei Oudou - improved behavior where succeeding hits fail to connect

Kaiten Enbu - changed blowback course of first hit

Kirin Kougeki - hitbox expanded upwards

Daihou Senkou - hitbox at back expanded

Lilica Felchenerow

5C - can chain into 2C

6C - fixed bug where taking damage goes into crouch hit, 3rd hit has lighter damage proration and lower damage

JE - shorter active frames, longer recovery

Drive Edge C - slower startup, can now go into Axel Slide just before startup

Flip Through - lighter damage proration on first hit; on non followup version, hitbox on upper region expanded just after startup

Wall Step - shorter recovery on triangle jump; on followup version, shorter movement to first jump

Screw Edge - hitbox expanded, untechable time increased, added active frames, shorter recovery, Wall Step followup version has slower startup and faster movement speed

Heel Cutter - hitbox expanded, untechable time greatly increased, added damage proration, Wall Step followup has lower damage

Speed Blade - faster startup, heavier damage proration

Hurricane Spiral - startup faster on 4th hit

Cyclone Storm - can be followed up from Axel Slide

Night Stream - heavier damage proration

Night Stream (air) - added a new air version

Lieselotte Achenbach

JE - added damage proration on first hit, damage proration lightened

Doll normal attacks - now unable to input during Extend Blast

Doll 5C - larger hitbox

Death Inviting Gebell - now unable to cancel to the same during the charge; after blowback, opponent now unable to Arcana Burst until the time they are able to air tech

Geschick Fighting Blood Linchpin - shorter counter frames

Yasuzumi Yoriko

far 6A - blowback course the same as close 6A

far 6B - blowback course the same as close 6B

close 6C - blowback course the same as far 6C

far 6C - bug fixed where receiving damage goes into crouch hit state

JC (held) - before startup, gets reduced hurtbox at lower region

5E - bug fixed where receiving damage goes into crouch hit state

JE - faster startup

Safe Ancient Talisman Method - limited to 1 in the air

Daidohji Kira

Kira-sama Driver - added throw invincibility until throw hitbox is active

Flying Kira-sama Driver - added throw invincibility until throw hitbox is active

Daidohji Bunker Buster B - strike invincibility time shortened

Ekodashiki Rocket Cannon - time to be able to cancel lengthened

Ekodashiki Landmine - lowered damage

Fiona Mayfield

Simple Mode - bug in 4A fixed

6B - faster startup, added lower body invincibility until after attack startup

Caletvwlch - no counter frames, Extend Blast, will get blown off when hit with Arcana Burst

Caletvwlch (air) - active frames longer, longer time to cancel after landing, added chip damage

Collbrand - active frames of A and B versions shorter, guard crush effect only on opponent in air

Grand Divide - no damage proration, can only cancel recovery when blocked

Misty Chain - no damage proration

Angel Wing - increased recovery if followup is not performed

Sacred Bringer, Sacred Punish, Sacred Slayer - added untechable time, shorter recovery on mishit, added recovery when whiffed

Excalibur - no counter frames, Extend Blast, will get blown off when hit with Arcana Burst

Petra Johanna Lagerkvist

JC - faster startup

L.G.A charge-X - complete execution of B and C versions shorter

L.G.A fire type-β - lighter damage proration

L.G.A fire type-β’ - lighter damage proration

L.G.A dodge - shorter time to input followup, longer time to be able to homing cancel

Zenia Valov

2C - 2nd hit now has common blowback

J6B - reduced clash hitbox, added counter frames before startup

Golden Edinorog (air) - lower damage on Just input

Distant El Dorado - when in effect, executing the Just input continues with the same effects

War Resounding Impulse - now not affected by speed increases during Extend Force

Unbeatable Matador - changed property on last hit to sweep

Elsa La Conti

5C - added damage

2C - lower damage, heavier damage proration

Agnus - stricter command input

Communio - longer time to reuse, landing recovery now occurs when landing before action is completed

Rankeora - expanded hurtbox in front during the charge

Rankeora (followup) - explosion after reaching the edge of screen slower

Gladius (followup) - changed blowback course, shorter untechable time

Clarice Di Lanza

JB - added damage proration

4C - can no longer cancel action through slide input

JC - added damage proration, increased damage

Tarda - slower startup, faster recovery

Il Rapimento - added suspension of Arcana Gauge recovery, shorter time effect is active

Catherine Kyoubashi

Sexy and Cute Hip Drop! - after landing when hit or guarded, now able to cancel in different ways

The Hover Control is perfect too! - lower drop speed, faster time to be able to attack cance l, can now cancel by pressing the lower directions

Launching Our Hero, Chibigawa! - when used, Catherine will face the opponent's orientation

So this is the rumored Tick Tock Bang Bang! - shorter recovery, count of bomb lowered

Dorothy Albright

4B - bug fixed where receiving damage goes into crouch hit state

JB - added damage proration to first hit

Ground Ten - now bounces on the screen

Fold - counter frames shortened

Triple Face - removed invulnerability period, does not count to Jack Rabbit limit of 1 use in air

Ten of Spades - now bounces on the screen

Angelia Avallone

crouch guard - height of hitbox now the same as crouching state

5B - on 2nd hit, hitbox at lower region expanded

2C - position of hitbox on 2nd hit adjusted

air throw - added recovery, when landing during recovery, switches to landing recovery

air specials - That Twinkle is STARLIGHT and The Shape of my Happiness to You does not count towards limit of 1 in air

This Look is MOONLIGHT (623 version) - faster startup

Please Stop my Sadness Lv.4 - 1 differing property now the same as normal version

Inuwaka Akane

Kotodama Gauge - starts with 1 counter at the beginning of the match

5B - time to be able to cancel longer after hit or guard

5E - shorter active frames, longer recovery on uncharged version

Tsuki Kudaki (ground) - added initial damage proration

Tsuki Kudaki (air) - hitbox in front expanded

Hana Nagi (ground) - faster startup

Hana Nagi (air) - startup and damage of A, B, C versions now differ; expanded hitbox at upper region; when hit, meets with opponent's height

Torigake A - faster startup

Torigake B - lower damage

Torigake C - changed to blowback type, hitbox at upper region expanded, damage lowered, heavier damage proration

Kaze Mai C - after performing action, faces opponent if they jump over

Inuwaka Nazuna

5B - on 1st hit, hitbox of hand expanded upwards

J6B - faster startup

Throw - time to be able to Homing Cancel faster

Direction + BC - attacks according to blowback orientation, differentiates hitstun orientation

Jyuujutsu Kageroi - counter frames of A and B versions shortened

Jyuujutsu Kageroi (ground) A - shorter recovery, added untechable time

Jyuujutsu Kageroi (air) A - added untechable time

Choujutsu Nuedori - movement speed of spirit on direction input increased

Jyoujutsu Tamakiwa - shorter recovery when whiffed or guarded

Reijutsu Asatsuyu - stricter command input


Airhit state - hitbox position adjusted

2B - now unable to jump cancel, added untechable time

J6B (added input) - heavier damage proration, bug fixed where Extend Force attribute of Fire did not apply

Chains - fulcrums do not disappear when added input is not executed, time to be able to perform added inputs on ground faster (except for Dissolve Walten)

Dissolve Walten - now does not destroy fulcrums

Snap Springen - now unable to Homing Cancel

Drive Laufen - now unable to Homing Cancel


JA - clash frame period shortened

JE - hurtbox expanded, interval between startup of each hit now equal

Neutral Throw - startup now the same as other characters

It's a Carriage B - faster startup

We're Going to the Castle! - lighter damage proration, lower damage, hitbox and pushbox of last hit expanded upwards

Gentlemen!! - when in effect, attacks do not knock back; damage modifier of EF version reduced

Gentlemen!! A attack - added untechable time

Gentlemen!! C attack - damage proration lighter when the shockwave part is used for a multihit attack


JB - hitbox in front shortened, shorter active frames and longer recovery when unequipped

J4B - added active frames, shorter recovery

JC - bug fixed where hitcount only added when equipped, active frames of 2nd hit shortened, recovery longer

Rush Greiten - upper hitbox reduced, chip damage added during the charge

Rush Greiten A - movement distance of recovery increased on whiff of charge

Rush Greiten C - hitbox in front reduced during charge

Set Miene - range and recovery of A, B, C versions now differentiated

Release Tatigkeit - trajectory of A, B, C versions now differentiated

Group Greifen - increased damage

Force Expansion Himmelfahrt - expanded hitbox higher, changed damage and damage proration

Arcana Changes

System Changes

extend blast - reduces damage proration and tech proration to 0%, will not hit pluvia

arcana burst - added ability to reflect projectiles

clash - pause during clash will not be affected by speed changes from Extend Force and the like


no changes


Ensuim - clash frames occur later

Crioch - on hit, opponent's hitstop shortens


freedom from bondage - heavier damage proration, added proration on first hit


no changes


no changes


no changes


scutum - shorter pushback

thorens - hits with chip damage halved from 1 in 2 to 1 in 4

abolere - added damage


extend force - when opponent is in dark mode when extend ends, behavior of force gauge changes

etsen - heavier proration

verderbtheit - can no longer be held with the e button


sacrifice - bug fixed where it simultaneously hit when done on 1p side on occasion

condemnation - when covered, now destroys projectiles of arcana


cataracta - removed slow effect

ampurula - bug fixed where when hit from a low position, the following attack made opponent go into a grounded hit state


no changes


no changes


no changes


last salvation - first hit now does not cause counter hit


extend force - damage modifier increased

sword - added damage

napadeni - added hitstop on 13th hit, faster startup on 14th hit


extend force - damage modifier decreased


arcana gauge increases more when guarding or being hit


phasma, fantasia - attack properties of copy now uniform


echo - fixed bug where damage of 2p color side increased


illusionary flower, dream flower - improved behavior when offscreen

yayoi no hana - fixed bug involving tone arcana's tacet, added hits with chip damage from 1 in 4 to 1 in 3


no changes


no changes


shock lehm - fixed bug where it added to arcana gauge

extend force - strength feder max has been reduced from 20 to 16 points


Passive attributes

Vasha - regenerates life while arcana gauge recharges

Kaliterevi - arcana gauge stock increases more than usual when using specials

Sphygmos - damage increases when using attacks that launch or blows back. adds chip damage if damage is enough.


Kima(236 + E) - can be done on air

Ema(214+E) - temporarily increases speed



Apokyries(641236+E) - gauge recovers in response to consumption of arcana gauge

Extend Force

Panigiri - arcana gauge recovery increases greatly, increased defense modifier, decreased attack modifier

Arcana Eclipse

Taragmenos (214+BC)

Arcana Blaze

Theophania(236+ABC) - adds 1 arcana gauge, no hitbox

Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!!



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