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Earth Arcana, Ohtsuchi


A giant clay statue who has become sentient thanks to the intense faith of its worshippers. Its raw physical power can flatten any opponent. As long as Maori remains dedicated to fighting demonkind, it will continue to aid her cause.



  • Banjaku (Hardness): Whenever you charge your E moves they will have guard points with them. 5[E] will have a mid-guard point (i.e. standing block), 2[E] will have a low-guard point (i.e. blocking low). Remember, these are guard points, not clash like the thunder arcana. If you do 2[E] to anti-air an opponent you'll just lose out right.
  • Iwado (Stone Gate): 6D guard cancel makes you move much slower, but you'll have a mid-guard point throughout it. If you continue to move forward with this, the damage reduction for the next hit will skyrocket. For example, if you did this towards Kira and auto-guarded a bunch of 5As from her, if she he you with her 360 command grab it would do almost no damage. It's rather unpractical, but an interesting property nonetheless.

Extend Force

  • Chireison Ikusabugyou (Earth Spirit Magistrate): You cannot block during Earth's EF. In exchange, you have hyper-armor. You move very slowly left and right during this, and you don't receive the speed buffs that other Arcanas would get. Unfortunately, throws and lock moves still work, even though you have hyper-armor; the plant Arcana's vines will just tear through this. There is no hyper-armor in the start up of a raw EF, so you can't use this to forcibly mash out of pressure.

Special Moves

Kaname Ishi
Kaname Ishi
623E (air OK)
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Level
2200 - - - - - - -

Summon a boulder in front to fall on opponents. After inputting this, you can slightly control where the stone falls left and right. Even if you get hit after the stone is out, it won't disappear.

236E (air OK)
Unseal Earth Gate
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Level
4400 - - - - - - -

Summon a portal in front for a punch attack by Ohtsuchi. This move does some serious damage in one hit. The hit stun and untech time after it is extremely long as well, making it very easy to follow up with a homing cancel. The move is extremely easy to punish if it whiffs though, so you need to put some thought into throwing it out (or have a meter ready to homing cancel it).

Arcana Supers

Kaichimon Sakkido
Kaichimon Sakkido
641236E (air OK)
Unseal Earth Gate: Purification
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Level
6400 [8200] - - - - - - -

Summon a portal in front for a powerful punch attack by Ohtsuchi. This is like Kaichimon but with more reach. Depending on how you hit the opponent with it, the damage changes. Hitting them with the center of the fists adds about 30% more damage (as displayed in brackets), although you usually will not get this hit in combos. On block, this will guard crush.

Kaitenpu Mekkijin
Kaitenpu Mekkijin
Unseal Sky Gate: Exorcism
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Level
3000 - - - - - - -

Summon a portal above opponents for a stomp attack by Ohtsuchi. This is an overhead and air unblockable. Decent start up and damage. This has plenty of uses such as air tech punishes and punishing long range moves. Think of a move where you can hit the opponent anywhere on the screen in 19 frames, that is this move.

Arcana Eclipse

Kaichimon Seshoudan
Earth Crusher
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Level
6592 [9888] - - - - - - -

Summons Ohtsuchi's fists, smashing an opponent. Has a 50% damage increase if hit between the two fists.

Arcana Blaze

Ohtsuchi No Kami Oharae no Kotoba
Ohtsuchi Grand Purification Rite
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Level
12000 - - - - - - -

Ohtsuchi slowly encroaches towards the middle of the screen, then uppercuts the middle of the entire stage. It does a good bit of damage but is slow and hard to land. It is air unblockable and guard crushes on block.

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