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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Clarice Di Lanza

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Clarice Di Lanza

Health Modifier
Guts Threshold
Maximum Guts
Guts Factor
Base EHP
Clarice's Move List


Players that choose Clarice are looking for a mobile character that possesses good reach and quick normals. In exchange for these Clarice has very poor stamina, but she can easily steal momentum and her opponent's health away very quickly.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
JE is an excellent move when homing towards your opponent midscreen. The speed and range of this move is great and the recoil is more helpful than you would think. J1C is a great move when approaching a cornered opponent. It has huge potential as a cross up move and decent start up, when moving towards your opponent at high speeds it becomes very difficult for your opponent to tell what side they need to block on.

2 - Neutral Spacing
As you may suspect, the La・Granfia series is extremely important to Clarice's neutral game, but they can also be her greatest enemy. She can be very scary to approach due to the range of these attacks, or she can whiff them all day and eat a 12k combo. Learning the range of these specials and when to throw them out safely is required knowledge to play this character. At certain ranges it is far too risky to rely on them, which is when Clarice takes to the air and zones her opponent out using her strong air movement and attacks.

3 - Hit Confirms
JA is used for many air to air confirms, it's quick speed lets your position yourself correctly before having to chain into the rest of your combo. Long range hits off La・Granfia are easily combo-able off a homing cancel.

4 - Defense
Clarice does not have a DP, dodge, or flash kick, but she does have 4C. 4C comes out in 1F, making it the fastest command normal in the game. You can use it to win clash battles and force your way out blockstrings. Combined with EFCs for easy combos, this becomes a deadly tool that your opponents will have to adjust to. Learning how to use this is "mission no. 1" of any Clarice player. All of your A moves can reflect projectiles, so Clarice generally has no problem against them.

Arcana Selection

Your selection in arcana will more or less determine your play style with Clarice.

Wind is a very popular choice for Clarice. The wind arcana can support your hit confirms and increase your damage. It makes Clarice even more agile than she already is, but you risk dying in only two or 3 combos. Wind's advancing guard is also nice for players that aren't used to using 4C. Skris is also useful as a zoning tool as you space with La・Granfia, throw one out whenever you have a free moment. Wind is a good selection for players that love to stay on the offensive.

The Earth arcana is great for people that want to use Clarice and improve her defense and health. The knock down off Earth's Kaichimon Mekkijin (Foot), all helps Clarice gain safe access to Il・Chroma. Earth is a good selection for players that want to play more defensively.

Love is a strong arcana choice for most characters, and Clarice is no exception. Love balls do a good job of making her unsafe moves safer, the ability to float adds another dimension to her already strong air movement options, and the lockdown that love beam provides sets her up to use her 421 series for fullscreen zoning. Also, the above average meter gain that love provides particularly helps a character like Clarice who heavily relies on homing cancels to convert her random hits to damage.




Target Combos

  • ~ 236C > 236B [EFC]>[9H]> JB > JC > JA >[jc]> JB > J1C > JE > 236C
  • ~ 236C > 236B >[9HC]> JB > JC >[jc]> JB > JC > JE > 236C
In the corner, you can connect JB without a homing cancel if you hit 236C raw
  • ~ 236C > 236B >[EFC]>[9H]> JC > JA >[jc]> JB > JC > 214A >[HC]> JB > JC > JE > 236c
  • ~ 236C > 236B > 623AB
  • ~ 2A > 2B > 236C > 236B > 6321478AB > 236A >[EFC]>[NH]> JB > JC >[jc]> JB > J1C > JE > J236C
  • ~ 236C > 236B > EFC > 9H > j.B > j.E > j.B > 236B > NHC > j.C > land > 5B > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.E > 236C
  • ~ > 236C > 236B > EFC > 66 > 2[E] > 8 > NH > j.A > j.B > j.C > [jc] > j.B > j.C > j.E > 236C
Corner proximity
  • ~ > 236C > 236B > EFC > 9HC > j.B > j.1C > j.A > [jc] > j.B > j.1C > j.E > 236C
  • ~ > j.B > land > 66 > 5A > 5C > 236B > EFC > 66 > 2[E] > 8 > NH > j.A > j.B > j.C > [jc] > j.B > j.C > j.E > 236
  • ~ > j.B > land > 66 > 5A > 5C > 236B > EFC > 66 > 2[E] > 6321478A+B > 8 > NH > j.A > j.B > j.C > [jc] > j.B > j.C > j.E > 236C
Same combo as above, but with Il・Rapimento activation

Arcana Combos


  • 4C > 2E > 236236/214214E >[NH]> JB > JC > JE > 236C
Your current position changes what version of Fearg Lorg you use.


  • 4C > 236236E > 5C > 4C > 6321478AB >[EF]>(4C>TardaC)×4~5 > 4C > 236E


  • ~ JC > J236B>[2D]>[land]>[step]> JA > JB > JC >[jc]> JB > JC > JE >236C
Low confirm around the corner only
  • ~ JE > J236C >[2D]> JE > 236C
Only high in the air, like after a neutral grab


  • 2[E] > 28C > [EFC] > [NH] > JB > JC > JE > 623E > 236B > HC > JC > [jc] > JB > JE > 236236E
  • ~ > 236C > 236B > EFC > 9H > j.C > 236E > 9H > j.B > j.C > [jc] > j.B > j.C > j.E > 236C
  • EF > 623E > 8 > NH > j.B > j.C > j.E > 623E > 236B > NHC > j.C > [jc] > j.B > j.E > 236C > 236236E

Move List

Normal moves


While crouching, Clarice flicks her finger to attack the opponent, hits mid and reflects projectiles. Decent start up, good for your combo starters, but its hard to hit confirm with because it does not cancel into itself.


A slight flick of her finger to attack the opponent, hits mid. Fairly quick and can reflect projectiles. This will not combo into 2A though, so this is also hard to confirm off of.


A two hit, low hitting slash. Used in plenty of combos.


Another two hit slash with her claws. You often hit confirm off this move into 4C since it will combo from 2B easily. The hit box rises about as high as it looks and can be used off a 5A clash.


A three hit, arcing slash while Clarice stays low to the ground, hits mid and reflects projectiles. Multi-hit, all purpose anti-air move. This works great on jump ins and IADs, after getting a hit off it, confirm it into La・Falla to keep your combo going. Remember that you cannot cancel the first or second hit of this move.


Clarice swipes at the opponents feet, hits low and downs. This is Clarice's signature move. The fastest normal in the game (1F!), has good reach and is generally used to force your way out of pressure as well as winning clash battles on the ground. Not the best move to use at the end of a ground string as the untechable time will plummet, making it impossible to do the most optimal air combo. It's still worthwhile to stagger during pressure but be sure to cancel it into a slash or E attack to make it safe on block. The recovery is almost incalculably long on whiff, but you can kara into EF activation to make it far safer.


A three hit forward slash with her claws, hits mid. Quite easy to clash with this because it has clash frames throughout the move from the second frame of its start up. Just like 2C, you cannot cancel the first or second hit of this move.


Clarice thrusts a wing straight up into the air, air unblockable. Pretty big range on this move and it hits slightly behind her. The recovery is rather fast, but it's not a move you really want to be whiffing without some backup


Clarice thrusts her wing straight forward, air unblockable. This move is really big, big enough to be used as an anti air. You often see this used in tandem with the Thunder Arcana to steal hits. Also with the Wind arcana to give you jump cancels to go with that range. Even without these arcana specific abilities, take advantage of it's +2 block by throwing it out during a blockstring. Be careful though because if you're too far away it will whiff on some crouching profiles.


Another finger flick. Nothing too impressive about the range, but the start up is the same as her ground A moves and it reflects projectiles as well.


A slash diagonally downward, hits two times. This is your primary air to air tool, so get used to confirming it into a combo. In case of a clash on the first hit you'll generally want to leave it alone and let the second hit come out to win the clash war.


A downward crescent slash in air, another rare jump cancellable JC move. This move has excellent cross up potential and has the most active frames of any of clarice's air moves. It also has the slowest startup, so it's risky to throw out when the opponent is in your face. It does, however, have full body clash on frame 1-4 which can make it a valid tool even for these close range situations. It's not the best idea to rely on the clash though, JB is a better option for reactionary close ranges.


Clarice's turns in air and does a JC-like move behind her. Hits two times and has pretty good cross up potential. Not as stable as JC but it's faster and multi-hit, you literally drag this move behind your opponent. Remember that this will not combo from JC. Also reflects projectiles.


Clarice thrusts her wing out diagonally downward, the recoil from this move pops her up and back. This move has great range, and is actually faster than her JC. Excellent air-to-air spacing move, even though it groundslams, The C version of La・Granfia will combo from it.

Special Moves

La・Granfia 「ラ・グランフィア」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Mist Finer on steroids. Clarice does a claw slash that reaches out about 3/4s of the screen when unzoomed. This is one of the defining moves for Clarice. It's used for a lot of her neutral spacing and a bunch of combos. The start up in all versions is the same, what changes are the properties of the attack on hit and the damage. In exchange for quick start up, the recovery is long and you can be counter hit during it. Make sure that you always cancel the recovery of this into homing or EF. Also, the hitbox starts up towards the tip of the move, then expands back towards Clarice. This move also has clash frames, giving each version versatility in their usage.
  • (A version) - Diagonally upwards, used as an anti air.
  • (B version) - Straight forward, will not knock the opponent down on hit. Whiffs over several character's crouching animation.
  • (C version) - Diagonally downwards, hits low and knocks down.
  • (JA version) - Slightly diagonally upwards, used when level with the opponent.
  • (JB version) - Slightly diagonally downwards.
  • (JC version) - In a 45° angle downwards, hits overhead and groundslams.
La・Falla 「ラ・ファーラ」 - 28ABC
  • (Description) - This is La・Granfia, but almost straight up. A good move for hit confirms off 2C or as anti air that will tag cross ups easily. This is not a charge move so be careful about the input. The different versions change the vertical reach slightly, but the differences are barely noticeable.
Tarda 「タルダ」 - ABC [Hold the button after inputting La・Falla or La・Granfia]
  • (Description) - By holding the button after inputting La・Falla or La・Granfia, Clarice slightly changes the properties of those moves. First of, this will triple the start up for her normally quick Mist Finers. In exchange the recovery is much better than the normal versions. This move literally reverses the start up and recovery of La・Falla and La・Granfia. On hit, the opponent will be "stunned" first then hit. This is a good move to mix into your spacing with an opponent that has gotten used to Clarice's La・Granfia.
Due 「ドゥーエ」 - [Input La・Falla or La・Granfia again during either move]
  • (Description) - This is a follow up to your Mist Finers. After La・Falla or La・Granfia, by using the same motion (but different button). You can send out another slash right after the first one.
La・Balestra 「ラ・バレストラ」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - This move homes on to your opponent and slashes right on them. This vacuum slash is not clash-able. The different versions slightly change the properties of this move. The A and B versions of this move are good for stopping the opponent from releasing projectiles or setting something up. The C version is much different though.
  • (A version) - The A version is the fastest by far, but it only hits one time. The finger that Clarice lifts can also hit the opponent.
  • (B version) - The B version is much slower, but hits three times. The finger that Clarice lifts can also hit the opponent.
  • (C version) - The C version is the slowest, but it hits three times and Clarice warps behind the opponent before it actually hits. A good move when you have a long time to set up okizeme or even to escape from the corner.
La・Brezza 「ラ・ブレッザ」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - This is a dive move from the air, hits overhead. During the dive, Clarice can reflect projectiles. The different versions change how far Clarice will rush downward, and slightly change the start up of each. On hit, Clarice will fly though the opponent. If you hit them out of the air they will float upwards. You can HC afterward for a combo, but it is fairly difficult on a crouching opponent. This move has a myriad of uses, from combos to surprise attacks, cross ups, moving around quickly and unblocks. If you hit the ground during this move, there will be a period of landing recovery, so make you you cancel that one way or another. If you hit the wall, Clarice will cling to the wall for a moment, then descend to the ground. Make sure you do not find yourself in that situation, you cannot do anything during that period of time.
La・Catena 「ラ・カテーナ」 - 63214ABC
  • (Description) - This is a command throw. On hit, Clarice will circle behind the opponent then wall slam them. As soon as you blow them away, you can EF or homing cancel to follow this up with a super, Arcana super, etc. The command throw prorates a lot, so don't expect too much damage from this. This move is good when there is a lot of space behind you, then you could use moves that have long start ups like Il・Chroma. Also, on hit this will zero out the opponent arcana gauge, giving you an advantage in terms of meter.

Super Moves

Il・Flaco 「イル・フラコ」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - Clarice sends countless vacuum slashes towards the opponent. This is a full screen projectile move. The first slash from Clarice is unclashable and homing cancellable. There is no invincibility on this move, but the move is super-fast (0+3), so you could use this after a 6D guard cancel to cut into the opponent. This will put a lot of space between you and your opponent making it a good move for reestablishing neutral ground. The slashes do not move that fast so don't use this carelessly and leave yourself open to counter moves and the like.
Il・Chroma 「イル・クローマ」 - 641236A+B
  • (Description) - Clarice summons the Duke of Makai, Kuromashiasu. A (long) while after scattering 4 seals to the ground, Kuro will appear in front of Clarice and then rise into the air diagonally. After taking off into the air, he'll drop several exploding fireball to the ground. Clarice can start moving again after summoning Kuro. This move is very slow to get started, even that is an understatement. You must have some kind of set up for letting this go because your opponent will have no problem making you eat a full combo if your try to do this under normal circumstances. If you do manage to pull this move off, you'll literally be able to clash the whole screen after when Kuro starts complaining and takes off. When Kuro takes of, he will have clash and be air unblockable. If you get Kuro to hit and land a bunch of fireballs, you'll do some serious damage, unworthy of being a 1 bar super. Still, this move is almost unreasonably slow (117+74 or 3 full seconds). Some Arcanas will allow you to set this up as okizeme fairly easily. You could possible also do it after an EFC/Homing canceled La・Catena if you blew the opponent away to the more spacious side of the screen. You could still be sniped out of it with a love beam or Zenia's Impulse though.
Il・Telone 「イル・ティローネ」 - 623A+B
  • (Description) - A fake Il・Chroma move. Clarice stops summoning Kuro half way, and the beast creates an inferno in that area. The flames are air unblockable. This move is still under research but it screams gimmicks.
Il・Rapimento 「イル・ラピメント」 - 6321478A+B
  • (Description) - Deploys a magic circle around Clarice for a period of time. This move does not directly attack the opponent, but after your set it up, for that period of time you will absorb health from the opponent if they are anywhere near you. This is a great move for Clarice, whom has the worse defense in the game. There is barely any invincibility on this move, but the recovery is fairly short, so you could easily use this when you have a moment. This will not disappear when you are hit or being made to block, but even better it will keep absorbing health from your victim. You need this for part of your Critical Heart, but it is hard to land your XH when the prerequisite acts as a powerful spacing tool in the first place. Nobody wants to be around Clarice when this is active. Depending on what Arcana you are using and your opponent, you may just end up spending all of your meter on this move.
La・Vicenda 「ラ・ヴィチェンダ」 - 22A+B [During Il・Rapimento]
  • (Description) - This directly alters Il・Rapimento. It changes its HP drain into Arcana Gauge Drain. If you input it again, you can change it back. This does not take any meter to use. Could be a useful move for when you don't actually need HP at the moment.

Critical Heart

Il・Risveglio 「イル・リズヴェッリオ」 - 63214A+B [During Il・Rapimento]
  • (Description) - With the Magic Circle already set up, Clarice binds the opponent to it; this only takes 2 Arcana Gauge bars. The attack to start this XH is the actual magic circle, so the hitbox for it surrounds your body. This move actually gives Clarice a good bit of invincibility and it is unclashable. Could be used as a powerful reversal, but you should definitely be wary against people who know about this move. If you whiff or have this blocked, she will shake her finger like "shame on you"... but this actually is an attack, and for whatever reason, completely unblockable. Too bad that she is still complete open for a long time and very easy to punish for trying this move.



3. Galatea (Claymore)
4. CC (Code Geass)
5. Chizuru (Ika Musume)
6. Rosette (Chrono Crusade)
8. Bridget (GG)
11. L.A. Lakers (basketball team)
13. Phryne (Fractale)
15. Index

Arcana Heart 3

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