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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Scharlachrot

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Scharlachrot's Move List


Some people like crazy girls. Scharl is another new addition AH3. She is an extremely effective spacing character to help offset her low life.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
Scharl's main weapon when homing is J6C. It has amazing reach, does not have scharl's own hitbox in it and is not clashable. It's a great move for controlling a huge amount of area in front of you as you approach. While homing towards your opponent, throw it out a little early as it is on the slower side. You can easily pick up hits with a homing cancel too.

2 - Neutral Spacing
J6C again, is amazing. Just whip it out. While moving backwards or straight up into the air, try to hit with the tip of the move as much as possible. 5C is also a great move on the ground. It is similar to J6C in its reach and properties. You can cancel it straight into arcana moves to help with hit confirms or continue your pressure if they blocked. You can also cancel into Fulcrum to reduce your recovery and add some fulcrum points to work with on block. On hit you can cancel it 236AB for quick damage. 5C hits two times so its quite easy to do this. If your opponent is opting to come in from an angle above 5C or j.6C, you can use 5B if they're floating above and in front of you, or 2B if they're floating directly above you or threatening to cross up. In the air you can use j.6B which is an air version of 5B.

3 - Hit Confirms
JA is the fastest move that Scharl has and is vital for many air-to-air and rejump confirms. Off random hits confirm straight into JB > JE for the knockdown. You can also use JA to keep your opponents off you in case they get too close of chains to be effective. You should do 2 or 3 in a row just in case the JA clashes with an attack.

4 - Defense
Don't let the speed of her 2A fool you, it is actually good for poking out. Scharl's hand has clash on start up before the chain comes out. The chain still maintains its unclashable properties. So you can clash attacks with the startup and jut let the chain stuff them as the attack progress. So you only push the button once instead of try to clash again. You could also something similar 2A > 5A. While a legitimate tactic, this is still very risky, and Scharl's stamina does not allow for many mistakes. If you are confident in your timing with this, use it. But otherwise you will need to rely on GCs and arcana specials. As for projectiles, all of Scharl's chain normals swat projectiles easily.

Arcana Selection

Instead of giving Scharl more stamina. Most players choose to make Scharl better at what she is good at. Its smart to help make Scharl's confirms lead into more damage and make it harder for enemies to get in.

Plant give Scharl some menacing pressure. You can use vines from a safe distance and use the plus frames to stack 5 or 2C on before your opponent can recover. They can't clash any of these moves and its dangerous to jump would within Scharl's effective range. Plant gives you great damage of long to mid-range confirms and its easy to end combos with the vine super. The only problem is that Scharl's stamina is bad enough as it is. You could be taken out in one combo and a mix up and the regeneration from plant do not help now.

Earth will give you a little bit more stamina to work with. Rock can also help you turn long range confirms into huge damage with earth punch and super earth punch.

Wind gives Scharl more mobility to help you space. Winds projectiles can help cause more problems for your opponent when trying to get in on Scharl. Wind's push block gives Scharl a more reliable option for defense too. Just like with Plant, you need to be on your game with Wind. Your stamina will literally be gone with the wind if you let your opponent get in on you and rough you up.




Target Combos

  • 5A > 5B > 2C >[6HC]> 5A > 5B >[jc]> JA > JB > JC >[jc]> JA > JB > JC
  • 5A > 5B > 2C > 2E >[NHC]> JA > JB > JC >[jc]> JA >JB > JC
  • 2A > 2C >[6HC]> 5A > 5B >[jc]> JA > JB > JC >[land]>[jump]> JA > JB > JC >jc> JA > JB > JC 
  • 2A > 2C >[6HC]> 5B >[jc]> JC >[jc]> JB > J6C >[land]>[jump]> JB > JC > J6B > JB >JC > J6B 
  • 2A > 2C >[6HC]> 5B >[jc]> JB > J6C >[land]>[jump]> JC >[jc]> JB > J6C >[land]>[jump]> JA > JB > JC > JC > J6B  
The first jump cancel is very slight, cancel it as quickly as possible
  • 2A > 2C >[6HC]> 5A >[IAD]> JA > JB > 2B > 236C > 5B >[jc]> J6[C] > B Burst >[NH]> JC >[jc]> JE   
  • 2A > 2C > 2E >[EFC]>[NH]> JA > JB > JE > JB > JC >[jc]> JE > JB > J6B   

Character Dependent Target Combos


  • 2A > 2C >[6HC]> 5B > 2B > 2[E] >[NHC]> air
That 2[E] is max charged

Weiss Catherine Zenia Nazuna

  • 2A > 2C >[6HC]> 5B > 2B > 236C > 5B >[jc]> J6[C] > B Burst >[NH]> JC >[jc]> JC > JE 

Arcana Combos


  • 5A > 5C(2) > 236E > 5A > 5B > jc > JB > JC > jc > JC > JE
  • 5A > 5C(2) > 236E >[EFC]> 5B >[jc]> JC > JE > JB >[Land]> 5A > 5C(1) > 236236E or 236AB
  • 5A > 5C(2) >[EFC]> 5C > 2C(1) > 236E > 5A > 5C > 236236E or 236AB


  • 2A > 2C(1) > 2E >[jc]>[NH]> JB > JC >[jc]> JB > JC >[jc]> JB > JC > 236236E
With the Wind arcana, you can connect a jump cancelled JE to something else with a NH for no meter. You get around 10,000 damage with this combo if you increase Falx's (236236E) damage
  • JAD >[2HC]> 5B >[jc]> JB > JC >[jc]> JB > JC >([jc]> JB > JC) > 236236E
You can use the wind arcana's 2D to scoop the opponent up from an air throw, before they hit the ground. It is pretty hard to get the third jump cancel into JBC if you are in the corner, but even if you are not, you still need to play it by ear to see when you should end the combo


  • 2A > 2C > 6HC > 5B >[jc]> JC >[jc]> JB J6C > 2E > 623E >[HC]> JC >[jc]> JC > JE > 214E   
  • 2A > 2C > 6HC > 5B >[jc]> JB > J6C > 2E > 623E >[NHC]> JC >[jc]> JC JE > 214E   
The first jump cancel is very slight, cancel it as quickly as possible
  • 2A > 2C > 6HC > 5B >[jc]> JB > J6C > 5E > 641236E or [EFC]> Blaze   
The first jump cancel is very slight, cancel it as quickly as possible
  • 2A > 2C > 6HC > 5A >[IAD]> JA > JB > 2B > 2[E] > 623E >[EFC]>[NH] > JE > 641236E   
That 2[E] is max charged

Move List

Normal Moves


One of the major themes for this character is the use of chains to attack her opponents. All chain attacks, marked with a ★, will not clash and reflect projectiles. If you hold the chain attacks down or repeat the input the chains can "connect" to her special Fulcrums.


A low punch with a chain that is a bit slow (7 frames), but plus on block. One of Schar's only low hitting moves. From frame 3, this 2A has clash around her hand, this gives this move an interesting special property. If you happen to clash her hand with a move from the opponent, if you let the move come out completely (clash on frame 3, attack on frame 7), it will be sure to stuff or counter almost whatever the opponent will cancel into next. 5A and 2A are slow, but they are recognized as level 2 moves, so they cancel and connect directly into C or E attacks.


A downward diagonally slap with a chain. Also kind of slow (7 frames as well), but plus on block. From frame 3, this 5A has clash around her hand with similar properties as the above 2A.

2B ★

While sitting, Schar throws a chain straight up. This has absolutely no hitbox horizontally, so get out of the habit of throwing 2B's out based of muscle memory from other characters since this is since this is "oop aww I whiffed this move" No. 1. This works really well as an anti-air on characters that come down directly on top of you, like Kira with her JE; you can steal the initiative from those characters by throwing this move out early. On hit, you can follow this move up with a jump cancel into homing.

5B ★

Schar swings a chain upwards; this works well as an anti air. 5B is rather thin horizontally, so if you are starting out with Schar, you want to get out of the habit of canceling straight into a 5B on ground opponents. That will get you nowhere with Schar, since this is "oop aww I whiffed this move" No. 2. This is good as an anti air but its not like it will just beat everything if you time it. The best way to use this is to use the very tip of 5B. This cancel into and out of 2B.

2C ★

A sitting Schar stretches a chain out horizontally for a 2 hit attack, this is the only other low hitting move of Schar. Floats the opponent on hit and the second hit pulls them in. For combos, its easier to cancel the first hit of this move.

5C ★

Schar swings a chain out horizontally for a 2 hit attack. This move has excellent reach, hit stun and damage, you'll find yourself using it a lot. This also combos from 2A and 5A on hit. As said the hitstun is ridiculously long, so long that if a fulcrum is near by and you hit with 5C, you can combo into an A Burst.


A full force kick upward. You could probably use this as an anti air (like every other 2E) but 2B or 5B would be better. However, since this is air unblockable, you can use it to catch opponent that are trying air block your moves.


A sparta kick. Nothing too noteworthy to mention...


Flying knee kick. This is the fastest move that Schar has (at 3 frames) and a dependable air to air move


A kick diagonally downward, good for jump ins. Kind of slow for a B move, so its not rare for this move to lose a lot to the better air moves in the game.

J6B ★

Schar sends a chain out diagonally upward, this move is kind of like a 5B in air. This is jump cancellable and it cancels in and out of Other Jump C moves. On hit, it has has a relatively long untech time, so on combos with few hits, you could do J6B →[jc]→[NH]→ JA (as fast as possible) to extend your combo. This move is great for adding a good bit of damage to random air hits.


A reverse somersault in air, this move hits behind you too so you could actually use it to cross up. You can actually get two hits out of this move if you are really close to big/long characters like Catherine or Nazuna. This start up for the first attack is 4 frames.... but that's for the hitbox in the back. If you where going to use this move normally, its actually 14 frames. This cancels into and out of JB.

J6C ★

A horizontal swing of the chain in air, think of it like a Jump 5C. On hit you can follow it up with a homing cancel. Great for neutral or backjumps into this move for air to air spacing. Using this move to control the pace of the match, grab space, and trip up the opponent SOP for Schar. This move is pretty slow slow so its not that great of an idea to use NH to just fly in with it and try hit the opponent from where they can't hit you with it, you might just eat a counter hit.

JE ★

Schar swings two chains down at the opponent, this has great downward reach and downs the opponent on hit, but it hits mid. It has a little bit going for it in terms of horizontal stretch, so you can easily end air combos with this. As said before, this has tremendous reach straight down, is very easy to do left/right mixups when you are above your opponent; because of the down status on hit though, you don't get much from it though. You can't be too aggressive with this move either. Schar says "crawl!" 「這えッ!」 (Hae) when doing this move... kinda catchy, makes people say it a lot (lol).

Special Moves

Fulcrum Schlinge 「要鎖シュリンゲ」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Sets a fulcrum, a point that all of Schar's chains can bind to. All of the follow version around Schar's circumference . After setting the fulcrum, it travels away from you slowly in the vector that you set it out in the first place in relation to Schar's current position . If you are too close to the floor or corner, the fulcrum will come out just as far as it can travel from there, and its drift vector will be changed accordingly. The same thing will happen if a moving fulcrum where to touch the floor or a corner, it will bounce off and change its trajectory accordingly. All fulcrums come out about 3 character space away from you. After setting a fulcrum in air, you lose your upwards momentum and start to fall.
  • (A version) - Sets a fulcrum at 3'o'clock
  • (B version) - Sets a fulcrum at 2'o'clock
  • (C version) - Sets a fulcrum at 1'o'clock
  • (JA version) - Sets a fulcrum at 3'o'clock
  • (JB version) - Sets a fulcrum at 4'o'clock
  • (JC version) - Sets a fulcrum at 5'o'clock
Bind Ketten 「結鎖ケテン」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - A good portion of Schar's specials revolve around this move. By using 623 and any button, you can make one of Schar's chains bind to the nearest fulcrum. As said before, you can also achieve this by using one of her many chain normals, then either hold or mash the button you used to make a connection to the Fulcrum. You can stay connected to a fulcrum point for up to 40 frames. In this time you can use: Burst, Snap or Dissolve as a follow up to this move.
Burst Anzunden 「爆鎖アンツュンデン」 - ABC [During Bind]
  • (Description) - Schar sends a glowing sphere of energy towards a fulcrum that she's connected too, causing the fulcrum to explode. The light traveling down the chain can hit the opponent as well.
  • (A version) - Fastest fuse
  • (B version) - Slower fuse; More damage than the A version
  • (C version) - Slowest fuse; Does up to 6 hits, but each hit only does a fraction of the B version's damage.
Snap Springen 「跳鎖シュプリンゲン」 - [8] [During Bind]
  • (Description) - Schar uses the fulcrum as a pivot and leaps in a crescent arc. Towards the end of the leap, there is an offensive hitbox, but you can cancel into any jump attack during the later half of this move. Great for pressure.
Dissolve Walten 「解鎖ヴァルテン」 - [4] [During Bind]
  • (Description) - Cancels your link to a fulcrum, aborting the fulcrum.
Attack Schwanz 「撃鎖シュヴァンツ」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Draws a wide arc with a chain. This move as well can connect to a fulcrum if you hold the button.
Armor Ruestung 「鎧鎖リュストゥング」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Schar slightly jumps up and spins for a DP-like move. This is air unblockable, but has no invincibility at all, so its a rather poor DP. The later half of this move can be homing canceled. This move can connect directly into Fury Frevert. The different versions of this move change how high Schar rises before the attack.

Super Moves

Strangle Schmelz 「絞殺鎖シュメルツ」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - Scharlachrot sends a chain out and captures the opponent. You can even use this while bound to a fulcrum. This move has quite a bit of reach, even more than it looks. You can connect with it off the very end of a 5C. Excellent for really far confirms, a good way to stack on some easy damage.
Fury Frevert 「狂乱鎖フレーフェル」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - Omega destroyer! If you do this in air, Schar will start this move in air, if you do it on the ground she'll teleport into the air then start this move. During that teleport she invulnerable, but you can't use it as a reversal because it will be stuffed easily before that. If you want to use this as an air combo ender, restrict your height a little but, then use it after a JE for the best effect. This tags on a nice chunk of damage.

Critical Heart

Force Border Wolkenkratzer 「軍鎖展界ヴォルケンクラッツァー」 - 222A+B [When at least two fulcrums are set]
  • (Description) - After the input, chains run from one fulcrum to another. If the opponent is hit by the chains or the fulcrum itself, they will get caught up in Schar's critical heart. Just saying the start up is fast is an understatement as it is 0+1, and if your fulcrums are set up well, you can practically hit the opponent from anywhere on the screen with this. Should you hit 3 bars during a match, it is quite valid to constantly aim for this. This CH's animation is long, giving you delicious effects from Arcanas like Wood and Plant. On the other side, the move's hitboxes is as thin as the chains look, so if you try to land this move from a bunch of A fulcrum, it will just whiff over character with low crouch animations like Fiona and Lieselotte and you'll just be sad.



5,8,9. Sora Kasugano (Yosuga no Sora)
6. Black Rock Shooter
13. Platinum The Trinity (Blazblue)

Arcana Heart 3

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