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Arcana Heart 3/Homing Cancel/old

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Homing Cancel

Besides being a cool forum for Arcana Heart players, the homing cancel is one of the most important system mechanics in this game. By using your homing button (D) you can cancel most normals, Arcana moves, specials, and some supers/Arcana supers into homing. This will consume 1 bar from the Arcana Gauge. Whenever you homing cancel in a combo the untech prorate will decrease, giving less time to make valid combos and more time for the opponent to tech out.

Using a Homing Cancel

As described, using a homing cancel will put your character into a homing animation and pursue your opponent right after an attack. Not only is this useful for combos, but mixups and blockstrings as well.


For combos, you generally cancel sweeps or launchers into homing to follow up with a combo. After a sweep you usually use a 6D homing cancel to quickly move forward and convert the hit into a full combo. After a launcher you can use a 5D homing cancel to follow them high into the air and add hits. When in the air you can use a 2D or 3D homing cancel to chase your opponent after a move that ground slams. While pressuring your opponent you can use homing cancels to keep yourself safe after blocked overhead attempts or moves with poor recovery to continue your pressure.


After a reversal attempt you can cancel into homing to reestablish a neutral position or combo off of it. Many reversals have long periods of recovery and you can be counter hit out of it. In order to avoid take huge amounts of unnecessary damage, always aim for your reversal to at least be blocked. That way you have a high chance of getting away unharmed. However, do remember that you cannot cancel into homing on a whiff.


Many projectiles from Arcanas can be be canceled into homing as soon as you use them. This ability can help you gain the upper-hand in neutral spacing. After using a projectile from an Arcana, you can use it as cover to approach your opponent.


You can...

Cancel moves on block
Cancel moves on hit
Cancel Arcana specials whenever

You cannot..

Cancel moves on whiff

Remember that

Homing cancels increase untech prorate
You must use 1 bar from the Arcana Gauge
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