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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Angelia Avallone

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Angelia Avallone

Health Modifier
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Angelia's Move List


Angelia requires in-depth knowledge of the clash system and movement system. Her range is pitiful, her damage not as good as the top half of the cast's, and her stamina is on the low side. She has very good pressure options if she scores a knockdown and very good options post-clash.

Starting Out

1 - Approach
Angelia is one of the biggest beneficiaries of speed-homing. She has to use it more or less to make up for her less than stellar range, you need to get in and you need to do it quickly. Your main options are jB, jC, jE, air throw, and Starlight. At neutral use jB mainly for clash with some jE to score cross up knock-downs; use speed-homing air throw to punish all air techs or just grab people out of their homing or aerial normals. jC is not a good attack from a neutral situation homing approach, however on oki doing neutral homing (speed-homing if far away) then holding 8jC is a very good tactic. If you tap a direction mid speed-homing with jC, you can make it crossup pretty easily on approach, be sure to experiment with the trajectories. Starlight is more or less the only real "ranged" attack she has that can be used on approach, you are going to be fishing a lot with this move, whether it be for clash or for hit confirms.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Angelia can't really control neutral, she needs to get in to start anything. In most situations you are usually depending on your Arcana for your neutral spacing. The most she has is glitter, which is a very good zoning tool at the right ranges, but if you are that close you are probably about to start up her momentum. Use 3B against D~D mashers, it shrinks her hitbox and is a decent preemptive anti-air at a distance.

3 - Momentum
Your midscreen strings suck unfortunately. You're limited to stuff like 2A/5A > 2B/5B > 2C/5C > 236E (arcana dependant)/[4]6A > starlight the other way/starlight toward if you have homing and attempt SLOW HC mixup off of it. If you do 5B 5C in strings the opponent's 4 or 6D is free to punch your face or clash your [4]6A. 2C is more active than 5C and can actually hit them on the way back if they GC. Halo 236E post 2C will trade or blow up 4D/6Ds off of 2C, however rush supers and certain moves can stuff you on reaction. Plant 236E works the same way but is much faster. Do not be afraid to 2C EFC 2C, because her options are so limited midscreen this sequence isn't as bad as you would think. Off a blocked 2C or arcana 236E you can attempt to go for 5D [8] jC or 5D [9] jA, however your distance sort of makes this a fairly weak choice. It's in the corner off a 2C knockdown that Angelia can finally get something going. A basic sequence is 2C 6B dash 6B 5D j6B 2C. More or less 2C ender puts you at a perfect distance (outside DP range usually) to start up 5D j6B 5D j6B glitter spam into either another 2C knockdown or instant overhead 5D[9] jA jB or 5D[8] jC. Mix in 236E (arcana dependant) and you basically have a variety of options to deal with GCs and jump outs along with your repeatable high/low mixup. Distance is key, if you are too close you will get reversaled, plus your instant overheads become impossible to do, use 2C to push yourself back out. If you are too far the 5D j6B glitter will not hit the opponent at all and they are free to jump out. If you are really confident you can even go for dash 2[E].

4 - Hit Confirms
Off aerial clash you want to go into air throw. Off ground clash you want to go into 5A. Landing stuff off random low to ground Starlight is key, if you hit someone with [4]6A you can go into 236236E Halo super into 8D, 1DA EFC jB raw, or 1DA 2D 5B, or raw 5A 6C launcher. Off a high air throw you will need to do jC while falling to keep the hitstun when you land for a launcher. Off low air throw you can go directly into 5A. If you land jB you want to go into 2B 5C Starlight etc.

5 - Defense
Starlight can reversal. This will be your number one escape option and your number one move to do off 4GC or backward teleport. Backward teleport is a decent feint if someone crosses you up in corner. Ange's counter move (623X) has fast start up and reflects projectiles. It is extreme versatile because it covers low, high and mid and you can combo off it with an EFC, HC or MOONLIGHT. Merlin Super is not safe on block (unless you use two meters for followup) but it is a reversal as well. Unfortunately it is airblockable. Combo into Merlin immediately if you can guaranteed kill them and don't want them to burst.

Arcana Selection

Most Arcana choices help Angelia's weak neutral game substantially. Halo's EF specials, Flower's huge projectile cover, Fire's fireballs, and Wind's Sonic Boom and Hurricane all help Angelia put a presence on the screen which she normally lacks at neutral.

Wind can help to extend Ange's combos for more damage. It also gives Angelia her best movement options and push guard to deal with pressure.

Mixing up her command glitter with 623E is a scary tactic, the super jump is very useful also. Comboing into 236236E off of totsugay in the air can combo into 8HC j.E for knockdown. 236236E raw is really good, it will even hit people behind you, just make sure you got them blocking it as quite a few characters can punish you on whiff. Raw EFC is great here as 214E and 236E become much better with Mildred helping you out, you also get access to Mildred launcher kick with 623E. Finally it is not terrible to fish for Arcana Blaze with 236ABC if you think you can tag them in recovery.

Counter matchup Arcana, you use this for fat characters like Catherine and Kira. The huge flower projectile covers a lot of space your normals can't and will trade with or beat certain extremely annoying moves on wake up (Catherine spin).

Earth gives Ange a good set of specials (earth punch and super earth punch) to add damage to the end of combos. These of these moves also help to compensate for her lack of reach. Earth's extend traits and 6D's guard point allows you to play a bit more aggressively; here is a good example of how it's used.

Shirogoma uses water as a counter pick to Weiss and Petra. The aim is to take the opponent to the corner and lock them down with Water balls, Water falls, and the added blockstun Water gives Angelia's 5E/2E as well as her normal attacks in Extend Force. The pressure is really unique(1)(2).

This is a very "one chance" type Arcana for Angelia, you are basically banking on the fact that you can knock them down in the corner before they do it to you. 2C -> normal dice -> EX dice -> dash 2B/5B -> 5[E] unblockable setup.

REU, the other SBO Angelia, uses this Arcana.

Seems to be all about fire blockstun and extended aerial combos with j236E.


Clash early, clash often. Do not be afraid to play lame with Starlight runaway until you find a good opening. You will need to D D fast homing approach a lot. Her ground pressure outside of corner is pretty weak, you can make do with 5C > Starlight cross up attempts or Starlight 9Ded into jB. If you score a knockdown in the corner, you can start with meaty 6B -> 5D j6B/C repeat shenanigans (tk glitter spam, though you're not really tking) into 5D jB. In general it is better to take the knockdown into pressure than go for pure damage with Angelia, which is why almost all her EFC combos revolve around reverse beating from jB jC jB jC jE falling jC 5B 2C ender.


Target combos

  • (2A/jB) > 5B/2B > 5C > [4]6A > 5A > 5B > (5C) > 2C
Basic combo into a 2C knockdown
  • (2A/jB) > 5B/2B > 5C > [4]6A > 5A 6C > Air
Basic combo into the air

Extended Force Cancel Combos

  • ~2C > [4]6A > [3]A >[EFC]> (6C) > Air
Combo into 2C to a charge follow up that that touches the floor so that you can continue the combo off an EF cancel
  • ~2C >[EFC]> 5C >[4]6A/B > 5A > Air
  • (2A/jB) > 5B/2B > 5C > [4]6A > [3]A >[EFC]> 6C > (jA) > jB > jC > jB > jC> jE > jC > 5B > 2C > 6B
Basic into EFC into Aerial into 2C glitter ender
  • 5B/2B 5C 2C [EFC] dash 5A 6C j.B j.C [JC] j.B j.C[1 hit] j.E j.C land 5B 2C (6B)
  • 5B/2B 5C [4]6A 5A 5B 2C [EFC] dash 5B 5C 2C [6HC] 5B 5C 2C (6B)
  • ~[4]6A [3]A [EFC] 6C/j.A j.B j.C [JC] j.B j.C[1 hit] j.E j.B land 5B 214A+B 41236A+B (2E)
  • ~[4]6A [3]A [EFC] 6C/j.A j.B j.C [JC] j.B j.C[1 hit] j.E j.B land 5B (5C) 2C (6B)
  • ~6C [EFC] j.B j.C[1 hit] [JC] j.B j.C[1 hit] j.E j.C land 5B (5C) 2C (6B)
  • ~6C [EFC] j.B j.E [JC] j.B j.E j.B land 5B 214A+B 41236A+B
  • ~6C [EFC] j.B j.E [JC] j.B j.E j.B land 5B 2C (6B)
  • [623A/B/C] [EFC] 5A 6C/j.A j.B j.C j.E j.C land 5B 2C (6B) [Must be hit from behind. It's very odd to say the least.]
  • [Halo] (~2C) [EFC] 2C 236E j.A j.B j.C j.E j.C land 5B 2C (6B)
  • [Plant] ~236E 5B 6C [EFC] j.B j.C [JC] j.B j.C[1-Hit] j.E j.C land 5B (5C) 2C 214214E j.214E
  • [Plant] ~236E 5B 6C [EFC] 6C j.B j.E j.B j.E j.B 5B 2C (6B)
  • [Tone] (2A/5A) 5B/2B 5C [4]6A 5A 6C [EFC] J.B J.C [JC] J.B J.C 623E


  • (JA) > JB > JC > [jc] > JB > JE
Standard air combo portion
  • (JA) > JB > JC >[jc] > JB > JC > [4]6A > [N]X > Arcana super
A but more advanced aerial portion using a charge + follow with the option of using an Arcana super for more damage or a setup

Arcana Combos


  • (2A/5A) > 5B/2B > 5C > [4]6A > 5A > 6C > JA > JB > JC > 236E >[3HC]> JC >[land]> (5A) > 6C > JA > JB > JC~
Corner combo, if you think that the opponent is too low after the homing cancel, use JB instead of JC after the HC
  • (2A/5A) > 5B/2B > 5C > [4]6A > 5A > 6C > JA > JB > JC > 236E >[3HC] > JC >[land]> 5A 5B 2C
Corner combo with a 2C ender for knockdown. Again, if you think that the opponent is too low after the homing cancel, use JB instead of JC after the HC
  • (2A/5A) 5B/2B 5C [4]6A 5A 6C j.B j.C 236E [3HC] j.C land 5B 6C j.B j.C [JC] j.B j.E
  • (2A/5A) 5B/2B 5C [4]6A 5A 6C j.B j.C 236E [3HC] j.C land 5B 6C j.B j.C 236236E/214214E
  • (2A/5A) 5B/2B 5C [4]6A 5A (5B) 6C (j.A) j.B j.C 236E [3HC] j.C land (5A) 6C (j.A) j.B j.C [Corner]
  • (2A/5A) 5B/2B 5C [4]6A 5A (5B) 6C (j.A) j.B j.C 236E [3HC] j.C land 5A 5B 2C (6B) [Corner]


  • (5A/2A) 5B/2B 5C 236E 5B 5C 236E 5B (5C) 2C (6B)
  • (5A/2A) 5B/2B 5C [4]6A 5A 5B 2C 214214E 5C 2C 236E 5A j.A j.B j.E
Good, easy combo to knockdown into the plant seeds after super

Throw Combos

[Throw] [2HC] 5B 3B 5B 5C 2C 6B

[Throw] [9HC] j.B land 6C air ender

[Air Throw] j.B/j.C land 5B 2C (6B)

[Air Throw] j.B/j.C land 5B 6C Air Ender

[Air Throw] j.B/j.C land dash 5A 6C Air Ender

Counter Hit Combos

  • [Fire][CH] 3B dash 5A j.B j.C [JC] j.A j.C 236E [3HC] j.C land j.A j.B j.C[1-hit] 236E [3HC] j.C 5B (5C) 2C (6B)
  • [Plant][CH] 3A/3B 6C 623E 5A 6C Air Ender.

Move List

Normal Moves


Crouching finger poke, jump cancelable and cancels into itself. Decent start up but this is not a low. Furthermore the reach on this is short enough to make you cry.


Forward finger poke, jump cancelable and cancels into itself. Just like 2A, the reach is very short, you pretty much have to be standing right next to your opponent to hit this. But it's fast and it can reflect projectiles.


Angelia holds Merlin in front of her and he shoots a small ray of magic in front of him. Merlin's magic travels about 2 character spaces forward and counts as a projectile. You cannot EFC this move.


Sticks her foot out to trip up the opponent, high jump cancelable. This will end up being your main low move but the reach is rather short.


Angelia swings her halo down to hit the opponent, jump cancelable. This has "OK" reach and just like a bunch of her other moves with the halo this has clash on start up, a bit before she swings the halo out.


Angelia holds Merlin in front of her and he shoots a small ray of magic in front of him. This is just like 6A except it travels farther, around 4 character spaces ahead. It counts as a projectile. You cannot EFC this move.


Ange throws the halo out to trip up the opponent. This does hit low and will cause knockdown on hit. The attack persists even as its coming back, so the duration is long as well. As a long range low move, the start is is a bit slow though. On start up, the halo has clash frames.


Ange does a wide forward swing with the halo. This also has clash in the same sense that 2C does. As you can see it has pretty good horizontal reach. On hit you can cancel this into 2C or her back charge. Beware of the recovery on this move though.


An upward frisbee throw with the halo. Her launcher for airborne opponents. This has a good bit of range in the 9 direction and is jump cancelable. However, this move is air blockable and slow to come out, do not use this as anti air.


Doll abuse, Ange swings Merlin straight up. Air unblockable but she will be airborne for a second after she hits with this move so you will have to wait until she lands before you can EFC. Same situation for the fully charged version.


More doll abuse, Ange swings Merlin into the opponent. This is air unblockable and will wallslam the opponent on hit. You can cancel it straight into arcana moves as well. When fully charged, it will guard crush like most other charged E moves, but as soon as it hits Ange will be in the air so you'll have to wait until she lands before you can EFC.


Airborne finger poke. This is practically a 2A in air, as such the range is still ridiculously bad.


Airborne foot thrust. This is practically a 2B in air. You can reflect projectiles with this move.


J.Hula-hoop, Ange's halo rotates around her body to hit the opponent up to 8 times. The hitbox extends behind her so you could even use this to cross the opponent up. This is also a rare jump cancelable JC.


The abuse continues, Ange swings Merlin downwards. This move has clash on it much like 5C or 2C, i.e. before the attack comes out.


The 3 direction for Ange's command normals are designated to Merlin's magic. With 3A, B or C, Merlin shoots his magic at varying angles. A is at about a 60° angle, B is at a 30° angle, and C shoots at the opponents feet. All of Merlin's shots count as projectiles. The C version is actually very good for blockstrings. You get enough frames to easily dash in and reapply pressure when close to your opponent, this is a vital cornerstone of Ange's pressure game as most of her other moves are quite angular and somewhat unsuited for continuous pressure. 3B is a decent preemptive anti-air because of how her hitbox shrinks behind the glitter hitbox.


The J6 direction for Ange's air command normals are also designated to Merlin's magic. With J6A, B or C, Merlin shoots his magic at varying angles. A is at about a 45° angle upwards, B is shot straightforwards, and C shoots at 45° angle downwards. All of Merlin's shots count as projectiles.

Special Moves

That Twinkle is STARLIGHT 「そのきらめきはスターライト」 - [4]6 & [2]8ABC
  • (Description) - "Totsugeeki!" Ange charges at the opponent - think of it like Gallon's Beast Cannon. Back charge makes her charge straight forward and down charge has her charge into the air. Think of it as the difference between a Condor Spire and a Tomahawk Buster. The different versions change the distance and particular attributes of the move. You can also do this move in air; the air version does a bit more damage. You can add another charge after the first one by holding a direction and a button. Be careful, using the follow up means adding more landing recovery when you land. If you do a follow up charge into the ground and hit the opponent, you can extend force cancel the landing recovery. For some reason or another, the [2]8A version of this move does not seem to have an starting prorate.
  • (A version) - Fast start up; clash until it comes out; short movement and duration
  • (B version) - Moderate start up; Few clash frames; Moderate movement and duration
  • (C version) - Slow start up; Almost no clash frames; Very long movement range and duration
The Shape of my Happiness to You 「あなたに贈る幸せのかたち」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Ange sets up the halo in front of her to receive attacks and counter the opponent. Until the counter hitbox comes out, you have invincibility towards physical attacks, and can reflect projectiles. The actual counter duration is short though. The hitbox for this counter move is only on the halo, however some characters with ranged normals can actually make contact with the halo from behind through Angelia's sprite. If this happens the opponent flies forward as normal.
Please Catch Me 「お願い私をつかまえて」 - 63214ABC
  • (Description) - Ange becomes translucent and teleports a set distance backwards. You are invulnerable as soon as input the command, but you are open for a little bit after you reappear. The different versions change how long you are invulnerable for and how far you move back.
Please Stop my Sadness 「切ない想いを受け止めて」 - [A] or [B] or [C]
  • (Description) - A button charge move, reminiscent of Big Bear's Super Drop Kick. Just like that move, Ange does a flying drop kick straight forward. The fully charged version does ridiculous amounts of damage (12800dmg, about 6/10s of a full HP bar), and is completely unblockable on top of that. However it takes a very long time to charge it. You'll basically have to seal a button up for almost an entire match. It can be rather hard to do this while spacing and keeping up with your neutral game but... its cool to go for it.
  • (Level 1) - 10 count
  • (Level 2) - 30 count; Air unblockable
  • (Level 3) - 50 count; Unblockable; Fully invincible

Super Moves

This Look is MOONLIGHT 「このまなざしはムーンライト」 - 236 or 623A+B
  • (Description) - Destroyer of spaceships and planets, Ideon Gun. Or Mikuru beam if you prefer. Ange fires shots from her eye towards the opponent, the 236 version is mostly for combos and fires 6 shots. The 623 version fires directly upwards and does 7 hits. The 623 version has faster start up and fairly long invincibility, making it a decent anti air or reversal.
I Want to Hug You, Merlin! 「抱きしめたいよマーリン!」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - Makes Merlin huge. The super growth hits the opponent and will float them. This has a really long invincibility time, fast start up and ignores clash, making it a reversal of choice. You can cancel this into its follow up...
Wish on a Shooting Star! 「あの流れ星にお願いを!」 - 41236A+B [During I Want to Hug You, Merlin!]
  • (Description) - Merlin's magic becomes the same size as he is for the moment and he drops a giant meteor on to the opponent. This is a follow up to 「I Want to Hug You, Merlin!」, you can do this even on whiff or block. It is relatively safe, and not a bad idea should you completely misread a 「I Want to Hug You, Merlin!」. Keep in mind certain characters can punish you even if you go for the follow-up (Nazuna).

Critical Heart

A Maiden's Heart is Fickle! 「乙女心は不安定なの!」 A+C B A+C
  • (Description) - Gamma Crush! Ange disappears for a moment, then drops the Big Ben on the opponent. This will hit the entire screen and is air unblockable. This does good damage, but you rarely get to use it. This does a lot of chip damage, but depending on your opponent's character and or the the arcana they are using, you are potentially wide open after this move. If you can read out what the opponent will do next, this can be a great XH though. During EF, the clock becomes a meteor and will guard crush the opponent.



1. Rebecca (Paniponi Dash)
2. Saya (Saya no uta)
3. Taiga (Toradora)
4. Shana
6. Rider (Fate Stay/Night)
7. Ika Musume
11. Young Sora (Yosuga no Sora)

Arcana Heart 3

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