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Character Page Progress

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In Progress To-do
  • General Gameplan:
    • Finish WIP pressure sections, improve and update existing information. Shorten sections that arent as important so someone doesnt inevitably hyperfixate on one aspect of the character that doesnt matter as much.
    • Continue improving grammar and look of the page
  • Combos:
    • Add damage, meter gain/given numbers and video links to existing combos.
    • Clean up combo section and remove redundant / irrelevant routes.


link H-Ryougi is a fast, aggressive midrange character with long blockstrings, tricky mixups, and stylish combos.
Pros Cons
  • Great mobility: Her run speed is decent, and her linear airdash goes about half screen forwards and back. Her walkspeed is also on the faster side with all around good performance in either direction.
  • Good reward on hit when optimized: She has various high reward combo routes, notably her iconic knife loops, that enable easy meter build and burn at will alongside damage.
  • Consistently good oki: Many of her tools, such as her unique 6A+B roll, enable potent ambiguous looping corner mixups. She also has access to good hard knockdowns off of any hit.
  • Long blockstrings: One of the few characters in the game that can reasonably threaten to break your guard bar. 22X / 624A lets her keep her turn without care for rebeat penalty.
  • Knife toss utility: Thanks to the auto-pickup and catch mechanic unique to H-moon, knife is a consistently accessible resource (when properly managed) that's useful in every gamestate, and can even augment her movement.
  • Big buttons : Her buttons are quite large, making it hard to contest her at midrange provided your spacing is on point.
  • One frame super: 22C is a frame 1 multihitting projectile that almost always trades in your favor and is incredibly plus on block. Mash responsibly and often.
  • Immense swag
  • No knife, no hope: Losing access to her knife greatly weakens ALL aspects of her gameplan. She's half a character without it.
  • Meter reliant defense: Without 100 meter, her defense is pretty horrible. She lacks any real meterless reversal options other than system mechanics. While 22C is ignorant, both it and H-bunker have very clear-cut counterplay in low profiles.
  • Exploitable air game: Her air buttons only cover infront and above her, making her VERY prone to being anti-aired even by lows. She also lacks an air actionable jA, making reactionary air to airs very committal.
  • Susceptible to backdash/dodge: The total duration on her B/C normals is long enough that frametraps or staggers using them can at least get RPS'd or at worst be punished by backdash and dodge more easily than other characters.
  • Mid dispenser: Even if she spits plus frames and frametraps, its difficult to open up passive opponents and be reasonably rewarded for the risk you took doing so.
  • Fragile : On top of her defense being lackluster, she also has the 5th lowest effective HP in the game. She bleeds for every mistake.
  • Don't drop your CMV combo

H-Ryougi trades C-Ryougi's gimmicks, F-Ryougi's improved rekkas, and both moons' unblockables for a toolkit focused almost entirely on her unique set of knife toss moves. Knife toss specials have fantastic all-around utility, and she arguably has the best pressure and okizeme of the three moons because of them. Of particular note is the mileage H-Ryougi gets out of manual knife pickup, having extremely versatile usage in pressure and combos due to letting her completely circumvent rebeat penalty (most of the time) and alter her framedata on the fly. Her normals are a mixture of F and C's (debatably lesser) normals with all their pros and cons. Her ground buttons (disregarding command normals) are mostly the same as C-Ryougi's with one important exception, she takes 5C from F-Ryougi instead, giving her much better horizontal reach and ability to convert at range. Her air buttons are the exact same as F-Ryougi's, except jB has been split into two separate normals with j6B being the upwards hit, trading neutral screen control for theorietically better air counterhit confirms.
This combination of strengths and weaknesses from her other two moons paired with her unique kit makes her overall much more suited for rushdown. That being said, the flaws in her neutral game and lack of safe ways to close the gap mean she often has to bide her time and play passive until an opening presents itself. If you have good patience, like testing your opponent's patience, manipulating framedata with unique cancel options, and looking very cool while doing so, H-Ryougi might be the one for you... provided you can take the execution requirements and character specific jank.

Move Descriptions

Frame Data Help
Header Tooltip
Move Box Colors

Light gray = Collision Box (A move lacking one means it can go through the opponent's own collision box).
Green: Hurt Boxes.
Red: Hit(/Grab) Boxes.
Yellow: Clash Boxes (When an active hitbox strikes a clash box, the active hitbox stops being active. Multi-hit attacks can beat clash since they will still progress to the next hitbox.)
Magenta: Projectile-reflecting boxes OR Non-hit attack trigger boxes (usually).
Blue: Reflectable Projectile Boxes.

Damage Base damage done by this attack.

(X) denotes combined and scaled damage tested against standing V. Sion.

Red Damage Damage done to the recoverable red health bar by this attack. The values are inherently scaled and tested against standing V. Sion.

(X) denotes combined damage.

Proration The correction value set by this attack and the way it modifies the scaling during a string. See this page for more details.

X% (O) means X% Overrides the previous correction value in a combo if X is of a lower percentage.
X% (M) means the current correction value in a combo will be Multiplied by X%. This can also be referred to as relative proration.

Circuit Meter gained by this attack on hit.

(X%) denotes combined meter gain.
-X% denotes a meter cost.

Cancel Actions this move can be cancelled into.

SE = Self cancelable.
N = Normal cancelable.
SP = Special cancelable.
CH = Cancelable into the next part of the same attack (Chain in case of specials).
EX = EX cancelable.
J = Jump cancelable.
(X) = Cancelable only on hit.
-X- = Cancelable on whiff.

Guard The way this move must be blocked.

L = Can block crouching
H = Can block standing.
A = Can block in the air.
U = Unblockable.

Startup Amount of frames that must pass prior to reaching the active frames. Also referred to as "True Startup".
Active The amount of frames that this move will have a hitbox.

(x) denotes frame gaps where there are no hitboxes is present. Due to varied blockstuns, (x) frames are difficult to use to determine punish windows. Generally the larger the numbers, the more time you have to punish.
X denotes active frames with a duration separate from its origin move's frame data, such as projectile attacks. In this case, the total length of the move is startup+recovery only.

Recovery Frames that this move has after the active frames if not canceled. The character goes into one frame where they can block but not act afterwards, which is not counted here.
Advantage The difference in frames where you can act before your opponent when this move is blocked (assuming the move isn't canceled and the first active frame is blocked).

If the opponent uses a move with startup that is at least 2 frames less than this move's negative advantage, it will result in the opponent hitting that move.
±x~±y denotes a range of possible advantages.

Invul Lists any defensive properties this move has.

X y~z denotes X property happening between the y to z frames of the animations. If no frames are noted, it means the invincibility lasts through the entire move.


Strike = Strike invincible.
Throw = Throw invincible.

Hurtbox-Based Properties:

Full = No hurtboxes are present.
High = Upper body lacks a hurtbox.
Low = Lower body lacks a hurtbox.

Miscellaneous Properties

Clash = Frames in which clash boxes are active.
Reflect = Frames in which projectile-reflecting boxes are active.
Super Armor = Frames in which the character can take hits without going into hit stun.

Normal Moves

Standing Normals

Stop jumping
Stop jumping
5A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
350 192 75% (O) -N-, -SP-, -CH-, -EX-, (J) H
(Whiffs vs Crouch.)
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
6 4 11 -3 2.45% -

Short ranged standing knife swing tilted about 30 degrees up. Good anti-air for sniping the startup of low to the ground air buttons, but the hitbox is bad at directly challenging most jump-ins. Only whiff cancels into 6A followup and special moves. While it technically can be used as a poor rebeat whiff for stagger pressure in blockstrings, 2A is a much better button for this overall. 5A(w) attempts need to be enforced with either 22A or 6A.

  • Guard bar damage: 50
5A~6A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
600 384 80% (M) N, SP, -CH-, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 3 16 -4 4.2% -

Another upwards slash with a great anti-air hitbox, does not whiff on crouchers unlike 5A. One of your better buttons to catch jump-out attempts in pressure with, also doubling as a great frametrap from B normals. Using this as a reaction anti-air is difficult as you must cancel into this from 5A, making it only suitable as a preemptive anti-air. Be mindful of this move's recovery, mistimed anti-airs or bad reads can be punished.

  • Guard bar damage: 100
5A~6A~6A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 768 60% (O) (N), SP, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
11 4 19 -5 7.0% Clash 11-14

The final hit of your 5A6AA chain. Launches on grounded hit with lengthy untech time, making it an important combo tool. As with every H-moon 5A6AA, its only special cancellable on block.

  • Guard bar damage: 300
Don't whiff this
Don't whiff this
Always whiffs at max 5B range
Always whiffs at max 5B range
5B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 240 80% (O) N, SP, CH, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 3 18 -6 3.5% Clash 9-11

Mid-range knife swipe with excellent horizontal range and a large clash box. Moves forward very slightly. Decent overall grounded poke, but its long recovery makes 5B a very committal tool that is difficult to use preemptively. Great at catching landing opponents after run-unders. Its clash frames enable option selects like Heat clash OS, although setups vary due to variable heat/wakeup timings. Can clash with shield counters/bunkers too.

  • Guard bar damage: 200
5B~B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
600 336 70% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
5 3 18 -4 4.2% Clash 5-7

A close range knife swipe follow-up to her 5B that only comes out on hit or block. Important combo tool. Higher vertical range, but lower horizontal range than 5B. Be mindful of this when hit confirming, at longer ranges it can cause combo drops. The cancel window between the two is just long enough for you to frametrap with, but keep in mind delaying between buttons gives more time for pushback to occur.

  • Guard bar damage: 160
Swing for the fences
Swing for the fences
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
900 480 100% N, SP, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
14 5 17 -4 6.3% Clash 14-18

Long-range horizontal knife swipe; slow. Your most active and biggest normal. Insanely high damage combo starter if you manage to find a way to convert off it. Despite having a lot of pushback, this is an incredibly useful normal in pressure for many reasons. The far hitbox can be low profiled. Moves forward slightly on startup, allowing you to kara throw with this normal. This is quite hard to do, but it is possible.

  • Guard bar damage: 300

Crouching Normals

Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
300 144 75% (O) -SE-, -N-, -SP-, -EX-, (J) L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
5 4 9 -1 2.1% -

Close ranged crouching low kick. Her fastest ground move. Your only normal that can whiff cancel into any unused normal.

  • Guard bar damage: 50
2 frames faster than C-moon 2B
2 frames faster than C-moon 2B
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
550 384 90% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 3 17 -3 3.85% Clash 9-11

Mid-range crouching horizontal knife swipe with clash frames. Good range, and now just as fast as 5B (with less recovery). Optimal grounded combo starter. For max damage, skip 5BB and go into a metered route with rekka. Like 5B, it can clash and low profile DPs / Heat activation if spaced/timed properly.

  • Guard bar damage: 200
Makes most advancing normals feel insecure
Makes most advancing normals feel insecure
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
900 480 55% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
14 2 28 -12 6.3% -

Slow, long-range crouching low slash that also moves Ryougi forward. Gives an untechable knockdown and hits at a very large arc in front, behind, and a little bit above her. Very useful normal on hit or block as it propels Ryougi forward. Surprisingly huge range lets you catch people trying to backdash out of pressure as long as it can be made gapless. Very few active frames.

  • Guard bar damage: 300

Aerial Normals

As green as the grass in springtime
As green as the grass in springtime
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
350 144 75% (O) N, SP, EX, J LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
7 3 - - 2.45% -

Horizontal knife slash with good range. Unlike most j.A normals in Melty Blood, this one is not air actionable on whiff and cannot cancel into itself. Also on the slow side startup-wise. Its large size often makes it a more consistent button for use in air combos over j.B, said size also making it the target of some unfortunate counterhits.

  • Guard bar damage: 50
The backbone of your air game
The backbone of your air game
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
350 144 80% (O) N, SP, EX, J HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 2 - - 2.45% -

Horizontal knife slash with great range. Your main air to air button, and one you will be pressing a lot in neutral. If spaced properly, it can be used as a serviceable horizontal air to ground jumpscare button, catching opponents walking around on the ground unable to react in time to do anything but block high. Unfortunately has extremely few active frames and is prone to getting low profiled by basically anything, but we can't all be perfect.

  • Guard bar damage: 100
Pierce the heavens
Pierce the heavens
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
900 384 90% (O) N, SP, EX, J HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 3 - - 6.3% -

Big upwards knife slash. Your best button for IAD attempts despite the horizontal and vertical range leaving much to be desired. Still prone to low profiles, but not as bad as jB is. The vertical disjoint is gigantic, if you can get under something with this button it will beat almost anything.

  • Guard bar damage: 200

Command Normals

The disjoint can bait Heat attempts mid-pressure
The disjoint can bait Heat attempts mid-pressure
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
600 336 65% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
16 2 17 (20) 1 4.2% -

The glue that binds H-Ryougi's combo theory and pressure sequences. Low sweep with short range. Hard knockdown on hit. Excellent in pressure as its +1 on full recovery, and is an autotimed frametrap both before and after 2A. Its also your best button to pick up and throw knife from framedata-wise. 3C > 22A is gapless, 3C > 22X is +5.
3C has a unique property, Ryougi does not suffer any hitstop from this move at all, your opponent still does. Any cancels from this move need to be buffered before it hits, or else they will come out late. While this sounds like a bad thing, this actually makes her more difficult combos such as knife loops a lot more forgiving, as you can buffer knife pickup cancel extremely early.

  • Guard bar damage: 250
Wake-up call
Wake-up call
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
800 576 45% (O) SP, EX H
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
27 1 35 -9 5.6% -

Extremely short range overhead kick. Hard knockdown on hit after a short ground bounce. While it has low damage reward on hit compared to other character's standing overheads (just look at that pitiful proration), not being a BE / increase normal and having a very ambiguous startup animation can make it surprisingly difficult to block despite the 27f startup. Convert with rekka or 22A, alternatively (and in my opinion, preferably) cancel it into 624A in the corner for an unreactable high / low knifecatch mixup.

This move is bugged (common theme with this character); it removes the collision boxes for Kouma, Ries, Roa, and NAC on grounded hits for whatever reason.

Situational but incredible preemptive air to air button
Situational but incredible preemptive air to air button
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
350 144 80% (O) N, SP, EX, J HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 3 - - 2.45% -

The other half of F-Ryougi's jB, split into two normals on H-moon. This one is tilted slightly upwards, and is more horizontally disjointed than jB. Worse downwards angle makes it not suitable for air to ground whatsoever, but makes up for it with its vertical reach.

  • Guard bar damage: 100

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
MB C-Ryougi Throw.png
Remind them to do more than just block
Remind them to do more than just block
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1500 960 100% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
3 1 20 13 ~ 18 10.5% -

Ryougi drags the opponent to the ground, stabbing them. Does not apply throw protection due to a bug. If you throw yourself into the corner you can meaty on the neutral frame, creating a true strike throw 50/50 mixup. Without throwing yourself into the corner, the advantage state on this throw leaves much to be desired in terms of flexibility, generally requiring you to hard commit to any given okizeme option.

Air Throw
Air Throw
MB C-Ryougi Throw Air Raw.png
MB C-Ryougi Throw Air Ender.png
Combo Ender
Combo Ender
Raw /
Combo Ender
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1600 (1408)
- U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
2 1 12 -
4 ~ 9

Raw: Ryougi throws the opponent down and slices through them. You can combo after this.

Combo: Ryougi drops the opponent straight down then stabs them like in her ground throw. Also does not apply throw protection like her ground throw. Horrible advantage, a Tohno-styled full screen neutral reset would almost be more useful. Requires heavy RPS to enforce the knockdown from anywhere due to the forced backdash animation.

Shield Counter
Shield Counter
Auto after a successful Shield
~236D vs projectiles
(Air OK)
MB F-Ryougi 236D.png
5D. Technically cancels into normals. Yes, really!
5D. Technically cancels into normals. Yes, really!
MB H-Ryougi 236D.png
MB F-Ryougi j.236D.png
Standing Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 (345) 198 40% SP, EX, (J), N LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 4 18 -4 3.5% -

Bugged to your benefit. Same animation as 5A6A, which may be the reason it can be cancelled into ~6AA as if it were a normal allowing you to contest safejumps. Unintentionally one of the few effectively plus on block shield counters in the game.

Crouching Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1500 (1035) 662 50% SP, EX, (J) LA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 4 18 -4 10.5 -

Same animation as F-Ryougi 2B. Doesn't launch, so to combo off of this you need to cancel to either Rekka or 22A.

Air Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 (345) 198 50% - HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 4 - +14 3.5% -

Same animation as C-Ryougi j.C.

Shield Bunker
Shield Bunker
214D in neutral or blockstun
MB C-Ryougi 214D.png
MB H-Ryougi 214D.png
Shares many unfortunate similarities with Terumi's CA
Shares many unfortunate similarities with Terumi's CA
Neutral Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 192 50% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
26 4 19 -5 0.0% Clash 1-10
(Clash) Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 192 100% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 4 19 -5 0.0% Strike 1-7

Same animation as 5A6AA. May whiff on crouching opponents.

Blockstun Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
0 0 100% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
19 3 22 -7 -100.0% -

H-Moon specific reversal bunker. The knockdown gives you enough time to sideswitch out of the corner with either j9 or 6A+B and still meaty. Be extremely careful when bunkering moves that can low profile, as often the enemy will not get hit and recover before you do. Don't spend 100 meter to get hit.

Circuit Spark
Circuit Spark
In Heat:
Auto during hitstun
A+B+C during blockstun
MB C-Ryougi CSpark.png
MB C-Ryougi CSpark Air.png
Ground Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
100 0 100% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
11 10 20 - removes all Full 1-39
Air Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
100 0 100% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
12 10 15 - removes all Strike 1-30

Universal burst mechanic. Unlike Crescent/Full Heat activation, the hitbox and frame data doesn't vary between characters. You can be air thrown out of the air version of this move, as it is only strike invuln

Special Moves

Special Movement

(Forward Roll)
(during forward dash)
MB C-Ryougi 63214C D.png
Time to guess
Time to guess
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
- - - - -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
- - 32 - - -

Ryougi rolls forward. Removes her collision allowing her to cross up opponents and other obstacles. Utilized in mixups. Doesn't steal the corner despite what the animation may imply, but her sprite overlapping the opponent's sprite does make it extremely hard to tell which side you're actually on.

Special Mechanics

(Auto Pickup)
(When near grounded knife) 2
(Air) Touch while actionable
MB H-Ryougi 22X AutoPickup.png
Auto-pickup boxes
Auto-pickup boxes
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
- - - - -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
- - 0 - - -

Air version is specifically referred to as knife catch. Unlike other Ryougi Moons, H-Ryougi is able to pick up her knife by simply pressing crouch once while near it, and can catch it while it's midair as long as she is in an actionable state. Catching the knife mid-air during an airdash halts nearly all forwards momentum she obtains from the air dash. This can be utilized in deadly unreactable high/low mixups, combo extensions, and sometimes even neutral if the stars align. On the contrary, catching it during airdash back dramatically increases her backwards momentum, which lets you do silly things like this. If you wish to pick up knife on wakeup or in blockstun you must go from standing to crouching, leaving you exposed to lows for the few frames it takes you to go from blocking low to standing then back to blocking.

There's an interesting bug that happens when her knife gets reflected, auto-pickup stops working entirely. It's no longer considered her knife, the game thinks it THE OPPONENT'S knife now. If this ever happens, you must use manual pickup to get it back, after which auto-pickup will work normally. This is a disaster scenario that should be avoided at all costs versus characters with good reflectors, as you will lose access to half of your character for what could end up being the entire round.

Grounded Specials

Double Belfry
(EX: Double Belfry - Row of Beads)

~236X / 214X/D
~236X / 214X
236A/B. Rekka 1
236A/B. Rekka 1
~236X. Rekka 2
~236X. Rekka 2
~214X. Rekka 2 Overhead
~214X. Rekka 2 Overhead
~236A. Rekka 3 Knockdown ender
~236A. Rekka 3 Knockdown ender
~236B. Rekka 3 Launcher ender
~236B. Rekka 3 Launcher ender
~236C. Rekka 3 EX Cancel ender
~236C. Rekka 3 EX Cancel ender
~214D/X. Rekka 2/3 Low ender
~214D/X. Rekka 2/3 Low ender

Ryougi's three part Rekka series, a forward moving series of slashes. Signature combo and pressure tool.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
750 528 80% (O) -CH- LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
10 4 21 -7 5.25% -
B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
750 528 80% (O) -CH- LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
16 3 33 -18 5.25% -

Rekka 1. "Ichi"

  • A version has faster startup.
  • B version moves further but has worse framedata.

A version is preferred in blockstrings due to better framedata, B version is preferred in combos as the extra forwards movement helps in longer range confirms.

~236X Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
900 720 80% (O) -CH- LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
5 5 19 -6 6.3% -

Rekka 2. "Ni". Will knock down aerial opponents. All versions are identical. Usually safe but minus on block.

~214X Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 864 80% (O) -CH- H
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
26 ~ 27 3 19 -7 8.4% -

Overhead Rekka Follow-up. Generally kind of bad. It can sometimes low crush and catches jumps, but the risk / reward is very bad. Used in tandem with the low kick rekka followup you can technically speaking have a high/low mixup, but the startup and animation of the overhead are so telegraphed that this move amounts to little more than a knowledge check. Only combos into ~236C on counterhit.

~236A (Ender) Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
700 384 50% (O) - LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 ~ 9 4 20 -6 4.9% -

Safe Rekka 3 ender, "San". Gives hard knockdown on hit and leaves you safe (but minus) on block. Launched opponents will sometimes cross over her head midscreen after rekka 2, making ~214X kick ender come out instead of 236A. Make sure to reverse your input midscreen to get HKD (example: 2C > 236A~236X~214A). You do not need to reverse your last Rekka input on Satsuki or Necos.

~236B (Ender) Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 768 40% (M) - LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
12 ~ 13 6 25 -13 8.4% -

Launcher Rekka 3 ender. Not nearly as good as F-Ryougi's version. Beefy untechable knockdown on grounded opponents, but does not work on airborne opponents. You can link a 5B or 2B after if you get a Rekka starter, hitcount of 2 is a 2f(?) window, but from ~214X the link is much easier. Its nowhere near as safe as Rekka 236A ender on block, and to make matters worse, it whiffs in strings if you aren't point blank range. Can technically be delayed enough to frametrap, but the risk outweighs the reward and the opponent has little incentive to mash.

236C Ender Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1500 960 100% -EX- LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
17 10 20 ~ 16 -10 10.5% -

EX Cancellable Rekka 3 ender. A lunging thrust that covers a ton of ground. Punishable on block without a cancel and will sideswitch outside the corner. Most commonly used as either a metered pressure reset or in high damage metered combos. Launches opponents on hit into an airtechable state, no meterless conversion normally. On counter hit the untech lasts until the opponent hits the ground, allowing high damage conversions. You can delay slightly after Rekka 2 in order to frametrap with this.

~214X/D (Ender) Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
450 336 50% (O) EX L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
10 / 8 3 22 -7 3.15% -

Low sweep ender. Input with either ~214D instead of Rekka 2, or as ~214X on Rekka 3. Can technically catch people stand blocking during rekka 2 trying to block the overhead, but this is really a secondary function. Where this move really shines is pressure resets with 22C, as it is EX cancellable just like ~236C. It has enough pushback to guarantee all 4 hits of EX knife for maximum plus frames, and unlike ~236C, you are at a very safe distance to bait immediate bunker attempts. Generally safe on block even without 22C. Ends the rekka even if used on Rekka 2.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
400*7 (2107) 288*7 (1517) 80% (O)/(M) (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+7 62 25 -13 -100.0% Full 1-6

Not actually a Rekka, this is an entirely different move. Ryougi dashes in and does 6 slashes in rapid succession followed by a jump cancellable B Ender. Despite having invuln, this is a situational reversal at best as it loses invuln before it becomes active. Most useful for its ability to OTG relaunch. The following combo extension is completely unburstable as its considered a hitgrab, and it resets your bounce count. If done early, this move adds a surprisingly huge chunk of damage.

MB C-Ryougi 623AB.png
MB C-Ryougi 623C.png

A series of low slashes that can be held to change their properties, Ryougi dashes forward and cuts through the opponent. Side-swaps on hit. During all charged (623[X]) versions, Ryougi is in counterhit state for the entirety of the "run" animation. Despite being lows (mostly), they all must be stand shielded

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 1056 80% (O) - L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
15 4 31 -7 6.86% -
[A] Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 1056 55% (O) - L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
38 4 30 -6 6.86% -

Has the fastest startup of the 623X series, hits low, and grants knockdown on hit. Charging (623[A]) gives it the launch properties of B Version, allowing for conversions as well as increasing its range. Its long range and slight low profile during the actual slash allows its use as a way to challenge high-commitment zoning tools / moves with long recovery. However, 623A is a high-commitment move itself. On block, either you're about to die, or your opponent gets to start their offense. The farther you cross up, the safer you are on block.

B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 1056 55% (O) - L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
22 4 28 -4 6.86% -
[B] Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 1056 55% (O) - H
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
45 4 30 -6 6.86% -

Much longer startup than the A version, making it ill-suited for neutral. However; it travels slightly farther, and always launches on hit regardless of charge time, making it a core combo tool. Usually does not grant knockdown on normal hits, as the untech time ends right before the opponent touches the ground, allowing them to air tech. On counterhit and sometimes when hitting a low, airborne opponent (like after 3C) at certain hitcounts the untech lasts long enough to knockdown just like 623C, but this shouldnt come up much.

623[B] is an overhead, and visually identical to the charged A version (bar the longer startup), but both are still stand shieldable and lose to backdash/spotdodge. This exclusively a gimmick / knowledge check, 45f startup makes it hilariously impractical as a mixup.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 1056 60% (O) - L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+18 5 35 -7 -100.0% 9-23
[EX] Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 1056 55% (O) - L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+39 5 29 -6 -100.0% 9-23

Travels the farthest of the three versions. Other than being a lower damage OTG relaunch than 236C, it has the same combo properties as counterhit 623B even on normal hit. Doesn't see very much use and is generally underexplored, but the late invuln on frames 9-23 gives it very niche, high risk, low reward use cases versus certain types of zoning (ex: nero greeding on summons from midscreen. Kind of a knowledge check usually). Despite having a very lengthy HKD on hit due to the launch being full untech, its applications for okizeme are limited.

Avidya Moon
Don't use this
Don't use this

A series of airborne flip slashes, all versions are air unblockable.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 912 (90% (M)), 85% (M) -EX- H
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
24 4 20 -6 7.0% -

Horizontal flipslash. Ignore that its an overhead, it whiffs on all crouching opponents. Instead it's an important combo tool. Wallbounces on hit and pushes the launched opponent slightly away from the corner. Air unblockable, so it can be used as a very situational anti air.

214A has some strange properties. Before the wallbounce hit becomes active, there is an early active hitbox that applies enough hitstun to guarantee that it will combo from B normals on standing opponents. This enables standing-only combos and confirms that dodge nero snakes. This standing only hitbox can also be shielded and clashed (why?).

B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 960 50% (O) -EX- H
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
27 3 24 -8 8.4% -

Overhead downward-hitting slash. Actual (kind of bad) overhead that hits crouchers... sometimes. Whiffs vs shorter characters and all Akihas inside of about half screen distance. Grants hard knockdown on hit, can be converted off of on counter hit as well as some airborne hits. Catches backdash after AT ender but there isnt really a fantastic reason to do this as it is so unsafe and is easy to block. Horrible damage scaling if you do get a combo.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1400 960 50% (M) N, SP, EX, J LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+14 4 22 -9

16 (Jump cancel)

-100.0% Full 1

Big horizontal flipslash. Very similar to 214A with a few notable exceptions; A much larger hitbox, jump and normal cancellable on hit and block, and it has a tiny bit of invuln. Pretty useful for knifeless metered confirms off of rekka. If your opponent accidentally blocks this high you're effectively plus. Has full invuln on frame 1 (strike invuln during superflash) but it ends quickly and is easy to stuff. The forward momentum of the flipslash however means it can sometimes be used as a last ditch option to try to escape the corner. Don't expect this to work more than once.

MB H-Ryougi 421A.png
Gang signs
Gang signs
MB H-Ryougi 421BC.png
MB H-Ryougi 421AB Hit.png
A/B Hit
A/B Hit
MB H-Ryougi 421C Hit.png
C Hit
C Hit

H-Ryougi's parry series, sporting some strange properties. Firstly, they have a hitgrab followup attack that automatically activates on nearby enemies. Secondly, the activation is triggered if any hitbox connects with the parry box regardless of move attributes (high, low, mid). Finally, they seem to operate under the same rules as clash. Certain moves like C-Nero's B and EX Deer can't be parried, but A Deer can be. You can also parry F-Kouma 5[C] despite other hitgrabs beating parries clean.

A/B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
0 0 60% (N), (SP), (EX), (J) -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
5 12 12 - 0.0% -

A: Ryougi stands and readies herself for an attack. Once triggered, she throws the opponent behind her. The counter only covers her head and upper body, suitable for high hitting (NOT OVERHEAD PROPERTY) attacks and jump-ins. On successful counter you can convert into a standard air combo. If you're too far, walk forward a bit so 5BB can properly connect.

B: Ryougi crouches and readies herself for an attack. Behaves the same as 421A on successful counter. This parry only covers her lower body. Suitable for low hitting (NOT EXCLUSIVELY LOW PROPERTY) attacks. Conversions off of a successful counter are exactly the same as A version.

C Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 672 45% - -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
5 9 9 - 0.0% -

Uses the same animation, hurtboxes, and parry boxes as 421B. Its not as active as 421B though, so its less forgiving to use. Unlike the other two versions, this one gives hard knockdown instead of a combo. While this sounds worse on paper, this opens up opportunities for unique defensive options that only Ryougi has access to

It has less recovery than the other two versions. This is useful for cancelling the recovery of 3C for the corner left / right roll mixup. Also allows for some limited usage as a whiff cancel in pressure.

Hidden Knife
(~22X Near Knife)
MB H-Ryougi 22A.png
MB H-Ryougi 22B.png
22B. The animation that plays when you 22C with no meter
22B. The animation that plays when you 22C with no meter
MB H-Ryougi 22C.png
22C. Does everything.
22C. Does everything.
MB C-Ryougi 22X Pickup.png
Manual Pickup. Notably more useful on H than C or F
Manual Pickup. Notably more useful on H than C or F

Half moon's signature knife toss series. All versions are air blockable.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
950 720 60% (O) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
14 X 22 5 6.65% -

One of H-Ryougi’s strongest tools that defines her whole character. Notable for being +5 On block. Ryougi throws her knife straight forward at chest-height. Travels fullscreen, and bounces off the wall back to where Ryougi threw it. Ground-techable knockdown on hit. Combined with manual pickup cancels this move enables blockstrings that loop into themselves and crazy, high meter build combo extensions. It's also decently usable as an anti-zoning tool. At closer ranges it is quite risky to toss in neutral (as it has a long recovery) and the knife itself can be low-profiled.

  • Guard bar damage: 500
B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
950 720 60% (O) - LA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
17 17 18 -3 6.65% -

Downward angle knife toss. Hits low. The knife will get stuck in the ground instead of bouncing back if it hits the floor instead of the wall, leaving you in quite an unfortunate situation if your opponent blocks it midscreen. This doesn't see much use due to not covering a particularly useful angle, inconsistent knife placement, commonly gets your knife stuck in the ground, frame disadvantage, and extremely limited combo usage.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500*4 (1501) 288*4 (863) 90% (M)*4 - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+0 X 21 3 (min) -100.0% -

Ryougi throws her knife, this time with some extra oomph. Ryougi's best move and its not even close. Extremely advantageous on block, easy metered pressure reset. Active on frame 1, extremely cheap reversal as it wins most trades that do not knock Ryougi down / launch her away, and it's (of course) plus on block if they attempt to bait it like a normal reversal. Easy to convert off of, and is a good combo extender itself. Hits up to four times. The closer you are, the lower the hitcount and frame advantage. Great for dumping 100 meter to make sure you don't enter Heat. Can be low profiled.

  • Guard bar damage: 100(1), 80(2~4)
Knife Pickup Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
- - - - -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
- - 12 - - -

Ontop of auto-pickup, H-Ryougi does still possess the ability to pick up the knife manually with 22X. This has more range and can be special cancelled into, as well as having less recovery than her other moons' versions. Thanks to this, manual pickup has less recovery than almost all of your normals, granting at least some frame advantage when special cancelled into knife pickup. This allows you to freestyle frametraps and resets on the fly as long as your knife is nearby, so get creative. Also the only way to get your knife back after it gets reflected when that horrible bug happens.

MB H-Ryougi 63214A.png
Pressure reset, combo extender, and niche movement tool
Pressure reset, combo extender, and niche movement tool
MB H-Ryougi 63214B.png
Running animation doesn't come out point blank
Running animation doesn't come out point blank
MB H-Ryougi 63214C.png

Another knife toss series unique to H-moon. These leave her airborne and have tricky, evasive properties. Just like 22B, your knife can get stuck in the ground if it doesn't hit the edge of the screen or corner.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
950 720 90% (M) -J- LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
20 12 18 3 (min)
24 (jump cancel)
6.65% -

An advancing, plus on block, jump cancellable projectile that resets pressure and flips her hurtbox upside down. Its as great as it sounds... with an asterisk attached. It will only connect in blockstrings right outside of 5B range / inside 5C range, limiting when you can use it offensively over 22A significantly. Nevertheless an important part of Ryougi’s kit, enabling a lot of her advanced combo routing, setup use, and being yet another pressure reset option. The jump cancel also gives it some limited neutral utility as you can put out a projectile and remain air actionable, negating one of the major weaknesses of her other air knifetoss specials while filling a somewhat similar niche.

  • Guard bar damage: 500
B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
950 720 90% (M) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
25 ~ 26 15 12 3 (min) 6.65% -

Ryougi runs forwards until she reaches the opponent, jumps past them, and crosses them up with a quick knife toss. Ryougi will ALWAYS throw the knife in the direction she came from, meaning if your opponent cannot be crossed up (IE is cornered), she'll just whiff the knife toss and get punished hard. Not something to just toss out in neutral. You can (with some difficulty) get a normal combo if it hits depending on your spacing. Unfortunately, most of the time the only thing that will connect is rekkas. Even with just rekkas connecting though, the damage with a 236C OTG can be shockingly high.

Ryougi’s hurtbox inverts during the crossup knifetoss part of the move. This evasive property makes it a surprisingly effective way to escape the corner.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
950 720 50% (O) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
10+2 15 29 3 (min) -100.0% -

Ryougi leaps back and throws the knife downwards. This version has the fastest start up of the three. Big damage, the best out of the three for combo extending, notably from ~236C rekka ender. Also utilized in very potent knife catch oki setups in the corner, as the knife hit grants HKD.

Aerial Specials

Glass Moon
A version, even the hitbox is worse
A version, even the hitbox is worse
B version, the good one
B version, the good one
EX version
EX version

Ryougi's crescent slash series. Also referred to as "Tobei", "Baika", and "Moonslash". Her staple alternate meterless air combo enders.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1500 1344 75% (O) - HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
18 2 15 -17 (TK) 10.5% -

The slowest moonslash, objectively inferior to B and EX versions outside of being a risky overhead that is unsafe on block and can't be converted off on non-counterhits. Only really useful as a gimmick for finishing rounds, and calling it useful in any capacity is a gigantic stretch.

B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1600 1440 75% (O) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
11 2 3 -5 (TK) 11.2% -

The ACTUAL moonslash. You'll use this move 99% of the time over the other two versions. Knocks opponents fullscreen/wallslams in the corner ending in an air techable state. Not only is it your damage aircombo ender, it's one of your best combo extenders in the corner when TK'd. Without it, the damage on her common corner routes and setups is much worse. While it's primary use is for ending air combos and extending corner combos, it has its niche usefulness in other gamestates as well. It's hitbox is massive both front and back, thus can be used to tag people in your air normal's blind spots, or get yourself out of uncomfortable scrambles (Example: as seen throughout this round). It also stalls your air movement, so it can be used as a last ditch air option if you're being chased, or as a bootleg mid-hitting divekick. Just keep in mind it's minus.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
2200 1920 40% (O) - HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+10 2 6 -6 (TK) -100.0% Full 1-14

The B version, but with higher damage and i-frames. Can be used to close out rounds if you need just a bit more damage after an air combo. Has niche usage as a reversal, but it must be TK'd to be used as one, it won't beat real meaties. Usually safe on block.

MB C-Ryougi j.22A.png
MB C-Ryougi j.22B.png
MB C-Ryougi j.22C.png
The other two moons wish they got as much out of this move as you do!
The other two moons wish they got as much out of this move as you do!

Ryougi's air knife toss shared across all moons. As you are not air-actionable afterwards, you can get yourself killed using this if you're not careful in neutral. Use cautiously.

A / B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
900 720 90% (M) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
20 / 21 X 3 - 6.65% -

A: Ryougi lunges forward and throws the knife downwards.

B: Ryougi hops back slightly and throws the knife downwards.

Useful in some problematic matchups for when you want to stall your landing, beat grounded projectiles, catch people chasing your airdash back, or for trying to catch people doing stuff full screen. The knife can get stuck in the ground if it does not bounce off the wall, but due to how far the knife travels this will rarely happen.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
950 720 50% (M) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+0 X 17 - -100.0% -

Ryougi hops and throws the knife horizontally. The main purpose of this move is to get much better okizeme than possible from air throw ender. The untechable knockdown on hit this move has gives you enough time to land and link 2C. H-Ryougi uniquely can always get her knife back after this with the right combo route, and still have time to do whatever oki she wants.

Tumbling Cat
(During Air Tech)
EX for when you really hate having meter
EX for when you really hate having meter

Command air tech series unique to Ryougi, the only one of its kind in the game. Referred to by the community as necotech. The direction she hops towards is determined by the input (44/66/22). If you use any of these while your opponent is close to or in the corner, you can convert into an air combo. You are not air-actionable after all versions of neco tech, so you better have done this intentionally. You’ll want to use the 22 versions of this move most of the time, as you want to hit the ground as fast as possible after.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1100 720 50% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
21 2 7 9 7.7% Full 1-3

This version of the move has the longest startup, however it is also the safest on block and has the least recovery of the three. At lowest height it is plus, which will allow you to start blockstrings if used close enough to the ground.

B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1100 720 50% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
16 2 15 1 7.7% Full 1-3

Has faster start-up than A version, and will most likely be the one you rely on. It isn't as safe as A version, but can still give you some advantage if it's blocked low as possible.

Along with C version, this can be used to punish certain reversals on hit provided they are air-techable, challenge normal bunkers on hit, and check aggressive players chasing your airtech.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1800 1152 75% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
6+7 2 15 -4 -100.0% Full 1-14

Extremely situational reversal. Has the fastest startup of the three versions, Full invuln, and still retains the combo potential from previous versions. As a trade-off, it isn't safe on block like the other two, and the superflash makes it free to shield as long as the opponent wasn't already committed to anything else. In almost all cases B necotech does the job this move does. However, it can be used while reducing air combos as a reversal just incase the opponent drops... assuming it even hits them at all. Spending meter on this move is extremely questionable considering Ryougi's other, much stronger and more consistent metered options.

Arc Drive

MB C-Ryougi AD.png
Just do a 200 meter route instead please
Just do a 200 meter route instead please
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
3500 (3080) 4664 100% - U, LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
17+4 2 (35) 5 45 -31 removes all Full 1-2, 17-70

Ryougi crouches down, locks on to the opponent with her Mystic Eyes (unblockable), then dashes forward with a series of slashes (blockable). This has non-invulnerable startup before the superflash and a few frames where the opponent can move or jump out before the Eyes activate, so it can easily be jumped out on reaction. Only invulnerable after the superflash, and is punishable on block. You have enough time to meaty after it hits, and it forces a sideswitch even in the corner. Generally speaking this is a gigantic waste of Heat, and has no significant advantage over anything else you could be spending Heat on. It doesnt even do good damage, it just sucks.

General Gameplan

Work in Progress.


Your goal in neutral is to take your turn so you can stop playing neutral, duh. You didnt pick this character to walk back and forth for 99 seconds and neutral jump jA right? Use your natural mobility to stay evasive while you look for openings to dash in, make them block, keep them blocking, and then ride the tempo of the match (which you set) to victory. Sometimes you only need to win neutral once to run away with the game, but the same goes for your opponent thanks to your exploitable defensive options, making matchups naturally volatile and swingy. Thus, its imperative for you to set the pace of the match and have the opponent responding to you instead of the other way around. Since Ryougi doesn't have great ground-to-air or air-to-ground tools, you should usually try to force your opponent to play on your level and eventually convince them to stay grounded. Once the opponent agrees to play passively on the ground, you can start approaching with things like dash 5B or iad jB/C to force them to block and start your gameplan. This feeds back into a bait and punish game where you can fake out approaches to create openings to take your turn, or simply toss your knife and maintain distance / run behind it on hit to start your offense that way. Learning to snag the startup of people's jumps midscreen inside of dash buttons range as either a read or educated guess is an important skill to develop, as this even further convinces opponents to let you do whatever you want.
It must be emphasized; despite having the buttons of a midrange footsies character in appearance, H-Ryougi is a rushdown and you should approach neutral as such. Her options in neutral are much stronger when the opponent is put under pressure and forced to respond, or in full stop passivity looking for an opening to once again engage in aggressive actions. The high total duration on many of her tools does not allow you to play a low risk poking game, you must commit to an action or not do anything at all. Trying to meet the opponent with a half-baked response will get you half-baked results. This read-heavy, commital neutral game thus means she relies more on proactive and preemptive actions, and benefits less from trying to play reactive than normal characters do. This doesnt mean that a purely passive playstyle hryougi cant be pesky, just be aware you might be punished more harshly for misjudgement trying to do so than another character would. Don't let this disuade you from trying your own style though. Neutral is a very abstract and difficult to articulate concept, and this is just one approach on how to play the character.

Air game

Ryougi's preemptive airgame might seem strong with jB's hitbox and jC's upwards disjoint, but it has some notable flaws outside of falling jB. Mainly in not having an actionable on whiff jA or any sort of jump-in hitbox on any button. Without this, its not really possible for her to reliably scout opponent's approach options from the air or play a traditional Melty neutral game after jumping. Save these options for reaction air to air attempts or reads. You're much better off playing a grounded game with run under anti-airs, trip guards, and outspacing jump in attempts than you are fishing for air counter hits in matchups where you are allowed to. In matchups where you arent allowed to, most other characters arent allowed to play a ground focused anti-air game either, so dont be too upset about it. Luckily for Ryougi she does sport some tools few characters get access to. j6B and jC in particular have best in class hitboxes for their respective normal archetype, jC being the highest upwardly disjointed air normal in the game. Despite this, their applications are still quite niche. jC can be used as a bootleg run-under when used from an IAD (forwards or back), reaching much higher than something like run under 5B/2B would and leaving you much less exposed on whiff. You do have less control over microspacing though, as Ryougi's linear airdash is not cancellable early on in its startup.

Ground game

This is the real meat of your neutral game, and you want your opponent respecting you enough to be playing here as much as possible. This is also where your better options to stop people from jumping around are due to the risk/reward being very skewed towards the opponent while trying to purely play an airgame, especially if you try to do more than passively preempt them with falling jB. As far as dealing with already airborne opponents goes; with good spacing, you can tag grounded or low air approaches (IADs and such) with 5B. You must be cautious, as it does not hit as vertically as the animation implies, and it has a lot of recovery. 5A uniquely has a suprisingly high hitbox that can be used to snipe airborne opponents either hugging your face, or jumping ontop of you. This, however, extends a ton of green, and can get you counterhit for trying to press it into an active hitbox. 5A6A, on the otherhand, is incredibly disjointed and even bigger than 5A hitbox wise. While this may seem tempting to use as a preemptive anti air, the total duration and additional startup from being forced to whiff 5A first make it a pretty niche tool for neutral application. Its much more suited to catching jump startups after a dash. 5C can be used as either a (just outside of) half screen preemptive wall of red to discourage brainless dashing at you, or as a fullscreen tool to try to goad your opponent into doing something on whiff. On grounded hits at any range 623A will always combo, and with 100 meter you can OTG for suprisingly high damage on such a short confirm, making this a decent enough buffer if you notice 5C is hitting dashers a lot. Think of it like a budget F-Ciel flicker. On air hit you dont get much unless its an air CH. Even with no cancel its entirely safe on block at -4. The proper counterplay versus this is to either airdash high or approach from the air, as its total duration will usually grant you a punish. 5C also extends a lot of green (about halfway through the sprite) and can be low profiled by things such as catwalk, some sweeps (satsuki is noteworthy), and some low profile dashes. Dash up 5A6A is a great tool to stop up-backing in neutral versus opponents who feel the need to get away from Ryougi in the grounded midrange, and is easy to convert off of into an air combo. Present this liberally against players who like to trampoline (immediately jumping again once they land) to make them have to consider other escape options, or consider mashing on reaction to your approach attempts. Too liberal of an application will however end up with you getting hit out of the move, as the initial 5A does not hit crouchers at all. Opponents looking to try to mash you out of this (if they take note of it) can be more open to things like dash > IAD jC to bait and high profile big lows provided the opponent doesnt have an option that cleanly beats both. Supplement this with dash 2A and dash 5B at farther ranges, as they cover the weaknesses of 5A6A in trade for being worse responses to jumping away.


On a fundamental level H-Ryougi's pressure is primarily strike / throw, but with way more levels dumped into the striking part than the throwing part. Thanks to 22A, manual knife pickup, 624A, 22C, and 3C, she has the ability to enforce pressure resets without needing to rely heavily on rebeat. Due to her ability to generate plus frames at will (provided her knife is on her person or nearby on the ground), mashing versus Ryougi is a dangerous prospect. Her large safe on block normals let her weave potent spacing traps into any string, and an absurdly forward-moving 2C lets her stay in her optimal range to access her full toolkit. As if this couldn't get any better, every single one of her crouching normals is a low. Players mashing backdash in blockstun or trying to fuzzy jump are prone to getting clipped low at any point, and its easy for her to keep her strings gapless for very long periods of time in order to do so.

Where her offense does fall short is actually opening up passive opponents. Between nonexistent air to ground hitboxes on her air normals and total lack of a strong mid-blockstring mixup, she really can't hurt the other player without their consent. Convincing your opponent to mash or jump out with throws without putting your life in danger can be quite difficult thanks to the range at which your large buttons often push you back to. Her throw is also only average (aside from a cool bug) and doesnt carry much threat behind it beyond a meaty. As for non-throw can openers; 4C leaves much to be desired in many aspects as a standing overhead in terms of reward. Your best bet with air options is iad jC, which has its own set of reliability problems ontop of already being fairly reactable. These options should mostly be reserved for catching your opponent asleep at the wheel, just don't go too crazy with it once you wake them up.

Ryougi's offense changes drastically depending on screen position, resources, matchup (obviously), and if she has her knife or not. This warrants splitting this section in two; midscreen pressure, and corner pressure.

Midscreen Pressure (WIP)

TLDR; Mostly safe on block sequences ending on either a normal with high pushback or rekka ~236A ender.
Avoid using any knife toss moves unless the situation calls for you to be a little greedy to take the round, the knife will land too far behind you for you to make use of after one reset attempt. Ryougi is most vulnerable to backdash and dodge midscreen, so exercise caution when using staggers. 2A staggers and redashes with 2A (despite being -1 on block) are effective as they make it easier to deal with backdash/dodge. Don't be scared to return to neutral, and don't be too afraid of letting the opponent escape without immediately being punished. Midscreen you're playing the long game and trying to work them to the corner without getting blown up yourself.

How to structure midscreen pressure (WIP)

You're mainly looking to either push the opponent away from you to a safe manageable distance with low commitment pressure, or reset them just enough to push them into the corner with higher commitment pressure. Thanks to 2C's massive forward movement and Ryougi's high pushback, the latter of those two is actually fairly accomplishable. It only takes two or three pressure resets to go from midscreen to the corner, provided you dont burn meter on 22C just to make sure.

  • Example string: 2A > 2B > 5B(B) > 5C > 2C > (3C) > 236A~236A~236A

This is a very basic string you'll use a lot starting out, and midscreen this lets you gauge how your opponent will react to rekka on block. 3C > rekka will also condition your opponent out of mashing/jumping after 3C if you delay it and frametrap, letting you sneak in some resets every now and then. It also doubles as your basic rekka BNB, so it hitconfirms itself (lol).

Post-Rekka 3A on block (WIP)

Your RPS options after rekka 3 are generally weaker midscreen than in the corner, so either trying to get away or hold your ground are usually the best courses of action here. Most players will try to disengage from you after blocking rekkas, obliging them and doing the same is perfectly fine as long as you're confident in your neutral. For aggressive options, fighting back on spaced out -6 both midscreen and near corner is very character dependent, as some characters have better ways to challenge than others do. Tohno and Nanaya notably have excellent ways to challenge after rekka on block because of their cancellable stepdash, F-Ryougi and Wara's massive normals also limit your options, F-Kouma's rekka is fast and blows through most aggressive options you can pick, etc etc.
If your opponent decides to go airborne, this can let you either move forward and take space if they jump back, or (versus aggressive opponents) be met with a preemptive button like jB, j6B, or even (dash) 5A6A sometimes to stuff their air approach attempts.
Dealing with 66 / dash and buttons after rekka depends on character, but generally speaking putting out 2A infront of you isnt a bad idea to attempt. This can check dashes and stuff the startup of slower normals. While Rekka 3 is -6, if an opponent dashes they have already used a decent chunk of those frames to close the gap, making their next action effectively slower. Preemptive 2A is less effective against characters with large, relatively fast buttons (Wara 2B for example). 22C can catch challenge attempts and reset pressure on block since its a 1f super, but this is not something you should ever default to, as you could have just guaranteed 22C with the cancellable rekka followup. Its a mediocre reward, high cost option thats good to present versus particularly mashy opponents who also have better buttons than you on -6. Just be wary of low profiles.

3C's usage midscreen

While being +1 on block is still very useful midscreen, 3C's utility as a tool for resets is very limited outside of the corner. This move is best treated as a way to gauge what your opponent likes to do after blocking it at the end of a sequence, conditioning them out of aggressive options by delaying a cancel into rekka to frametrap. If they never stop pressing buttons on 3C, just keep doing rekkas. If they like to mash DP, stand shield, or some sort of reversal afterwards trying to blow up rekkas, just bait it. If they have a brain that is capable of pattern recognition and stop touching the hot stovetop, now you can start to play around 3C's framedata a little more. You might be thinking a pressure reset or throw here (with either dash 2A, or 624A depending on pushback) is ideal. It's still good to present if they're overly cautious. However, backing off yourself, or cancelling to 5C and ending the sequence at a very spaced out -4, tends to be a more rewarding option in matchups where you can afford to let the opponent attempt to re-enter neutral. No special cancel required. This lets you observe how the enemy tends to try to disengage. Properly responding can end up granting you much better positioning overall (this is VERY important to Ryougi's combo routing), and a potentially better (or more easily acquired) hit. Especially effective tactic if you're fighting a character / player who's neutral is worse or more volatile than yours. 3C leaves you closer to the franticly escaping opponent for more directly potent and consistent ways to punish their cowardice, while ending at 5C leaves you incredibly safe from retaliation, almost halfscreen away.
Listing all the ways to trap escaping opponents would be an exhausting list, but a good place to start would be learning how to respond to j7 and backdash (as mentioned in the next bullet point). While cancelling to rekka does somewhat cover both options, the reward on hit without meter is simply just another knockdown, and the third hit of 236A rekka can even whiff, leaving you in an awkward scramble. Catching a backdash with a redash of your own into a normal has a much higher reward, even if it requires more effort and risk of retaliation. Properly responding to a jump can net you at the very least better positioning than rekkas would. Etc etc, the list goes on. Trust your instincts, and prey on their habits.

5C usage


Dealing with backdash (WIP)

Stagger B normals less often, redash into 2A > 5B to catch backdash. This carries the obvious risk of losing to mashing on reaction to the redash. Another option with meter is to chill out and 22C on reaction to backdash to catch the recovery as a punish. This is pretty wasteful, as your knife probably wont be accessible for followup pressure and the damage is lackluster for the meter you spent. Its justifiable if anything will kill or the next interaction decides the game anyways. Rekka also can clip backdash, but the A version can have the third hit whiff if the opponent gets too far away. B Version's slower startup and bad framedata on rekka 1 makes using it awkward to use outside of combo extensions, but if immediately cancelled into it might do a better job catching backdash.

Corner Pressure (WIP)

This is where you get the most mileage out of knife pickup and toss, the knife will bounce off the wall back into a spot where its easy to access and abuse. With the right sequences, you can manipulate pushback on block to always be ontop of your knife after its thrown. How you go about running corner pressure will change based on three main factors;

  • Does my opponent know to EX Guard?

Your normal looping guardcrush strings will be much less effective, and might force 3C to whiff or place you outside of knife pickup range. EX Guard also makes jumping out much more effective, you might have to adjust and present more committal pressure options (dash 5B / 5a6a, etc) to stop jump. Vary the timing between your normals on block and present more things like redash 2A / staggers into tick throws to try to negate the advantage EX guard brings, regardless of frame advantage they still are susceptible to strike/throw.

  • Is my opponent playing an H-Moon character?

If they are H-moon, you're going to have to keep a very close eye on their meter when running offense. Since H-Ryougi doesnt have a repeatable 5A that hits crouchers, she can't option select H-Bunker in pressure like some other characters can. Meaning she has to try to either outspace bunkers, hard-read them with a throw, or heavily stagger her normals in an attempt to bait it. Playing around H-Bunker is incredibly frustrating for Ryougi, often making belligerent mashing and fuzzy jumping much harder to stop versus opponents who love to slam on 214D as soon as you get out of 2A range.
Problems dealing with H-Bunker, however, completely become a non-factor if Ryougi catches the opponent blocking without 100 meter. If this happens, their situation is almost hopeless. Without EX Guard, Ryougi's guardcrush string becomes incredibly oppressive and almost C-Roa'esque, forcing opponents to gamble on plus frames for their lives or else be guard broken. This is pretty much your win condition versus other H-moons, and all it takes to get there is baiting a single bunker attempt properly.

  • Do I have my knife, and if not, is it at least nearby on the ground?


How to structure corner pressure (WIP)

Utilize knifetoss as close to the opponent as possible, preferably tossed and picked up from 3C. Being closer to the opponent means throw is more of a threat, thus increasing the value of frametraps by association. Limit how often you rebeat over just using your knife to negate rebeat damage penalty, you want to squeeze as much damage as possible into any hit even if you give up some for a mixup. The pushback of 5C and 5BB is good for putting you in range for 624A to reset as well as creating spacing traps. Once your opponent shows they have a general idea of how to deal with looping knife guardcrush strings, then you can start to implement stagger pressure and rebeat whiffs on offense to throw them off.

  • Example string: 2A > 5B(B) > 3C > 22A / 22X , (2A / 5B / 2B / run up throw) > ... x N

This is a very reliable sequence and incredibly common way to start your offense. A canned strike / throw mixup, more or less. 2A is gapless from 22A and 3C knife pickup, 5B / 2B frametrap while beating 2D / 5D respectively, and throw exists to convince them to mash on your frametraps. If they dont bite on a frametrap, the sequence loops back into itself again once you toss your knife or pickup cancel. Fantastic sequence to use as your baseline, level 1 autopilot. If a player doesnt know how to beat this, you have absolutely no reason to do anything else but loop it over and over until they get guardcrushed or mash. It's far from an unbeatable sequence, however. Once Ryougi is pushed out of 2A range and can no longer present either a gapless or whiff cancellable low, she becomes incredibly succeptable to backdash and spotdodge. 5B and 2B both have extremely long recovery, and in some cases can be outright punished by backdash and dodge. This makes presenting redash 2A or passively waiting after knife toss / pickup an absolute must versus better players, as then you can punish their dodge / backdash attempt.

3C usage in the corner


What do I actually do with manual pickup anyways and how is it different than post-knife toss?




Conditioning the opponent out of jumping on defense (WIP)

Accept the risk of getting mashed on and start catching jump with dash up 5A6A after knife toss on block or any other common reset point. Doubles as a pressure reset that saves your 2A for rebeats if they dont jump, but still commit to passive defense. 5B also functions and covers mashing lows reasonably well, but is less consistent at catching jump and is much harder to confirm off of. You're making a trade between consistency, safety, and reward. Opponents who get their jumps caught this way or eat too many dash 5A6A pressure resets also might be more prone to mash on it in the future, opening up more opportunities to counterhit the opponent as they adjust away from jumping. Unfortunately unless you manage to convert into 214A > 2C > 3X~C (or a mixup of other sorts), your reward for catching a jump is quite lackluster, Ryougi's good damage almost soley comes from grounded hits.

Using 22C to extend pressure

There are a couple advantages 22C has over 22A that can make it worth your meter to use in blockstrings. First off, its an EX move, meaning you can cancel into it from Rekka C enders on block for gapless pressure resets. Secondly, the variable framedata provided by EX knife toss' multihits opens up new offensive options. Point blank range its less plus (+3) than 22A (+5), making it easier to tick throw, and also creating a frametrap with 2A instead of a gapless string. Any farther away, and it's always more plus than 22A. Getting all 4 hits of EX knife is absurdly plus, and is always a full pressure reset from basically any distance. Get ready to throw or punish people trying to bunker through this a lot. Finally, having a blazing fast 1f startup makes this godlike abare tool fantastic on the offensive too. Even if you're minus, 22C will always be faster than whatever your opponent decided to do as long as its not a punish, and can be used as a way to rob your ended turn back at any time. Opponents who like to challenge with buttons can easily be shown their place (its the corner, they belong in the corner) with 22C no matter the range.

Dealing with bunker, both of them.


Abusing the throw protection bug


My knife is on the other side of the screen, oops


Additional Pressure String Component Examples

Note: Melty Blood pressure is very freeform, especially for H-Ryougi. Do not take these examples as law, else your pressure will become too linear and flowchart-like. These examples are simply meant to give you a general idea of how to structure your offense.

  • 2B > 5A(w)6A
Frametrap at close range, farther out ~6A will whiff and you'll just stand there looking stupid before getting counterhit.
  • 5A6A / 3C > 4C > 22A
Overhead attempt, made safe by the knife. Additionally if the 4C connects, 22A will confirm the combo as long as you nailed the cancel window. See combo section later on the page for 4C conversions
  • 5A6A > (delay) 2B / (delay) 5BB
String component utilizing 5A6A's large cancel window, delaying will frametrap. Gapless otherwise. Can be used to condition the opponent to not expect 4C after 5A6A if they somehow cant react to an overhead this slow, or just as another cancel option for flavor. Why not?
  • 2A > 3C
Autotimed frametrap into 3C. Leaves you nice and close at +1, can even frametrap back into 2A again if your opponent's 2A is slower than 4F. Mashable if they EX Guard 2A
  • 3C > 5A6A
Another frametrap, moves you forwards very slightly.


Real, accessible mixups is a big advantage H-Ryougi has over her Full and Crescent moon peers. This is arguably what makes H-moon worth investing in over the other two long-term. Full moon doesn't get access to real mix at all other than a finnicky tk.236B l/r, and while Crescent's 236C setup is strong, it requires meter and is character specific. H-Ryougi gets better setups without needing to spend any meter at all. However, you do need to have quite good execution to consistently access her good setups, and then also capitalize off of the hit with looping setplay or a high damage route.


All mixups / setups assume the opponent is cornered, her Rekka ender option selects can be done midscreen.

Roll L/R Setup
  • ... Launch > 5BB > 214A, microwalk 2C > 3X~C > (421X / 22X pickup / 2A whiff) > 6[6] > manual delay 6A+B
The roll mixup. Sets up a left/right mixup in the corner that can be looped for consistent setplay. Rolling as soon as possible will always leave Ryougi on the opposite side, crossing up the opponent, but this isn't very ambiguous and is effectively a waste of the setup. Rolling as late as possible after running the opponent completely into the corner will always be sameside. Sameside trips up people not used to fighting H-Ryougi, as they panic and try to fuzzy guard crossup looking at her sprite visibly overlapping with theirs.
The strength of this mixup comes from understanding how long you can hold run, while still making the roll cross up. Once you understand the timing, you can make which side you'll end up on after roll very ambiguous. Smarter players will know that picking options that beat sameside is much safer due to the difficulty of pulling off an ambiguous crossup roll, so this is an important skill to learn. 2A and both B normals are the preferred options after you've picked a side to land on, but you can also IAD into the corner with j.C to present a fake reactable high option to blow up low shield for higher reward than 5B. 2A > 5B can clash with wakeup heat.
624A Knife Catch Setup
  • ... (microwalk) 2C > 3X~C > 624A
Occasionally called the butterfly setup, fancy. Knife throw mixup, same routing as the previous setup. Once you throw the knife, jump straight up with "8" and then drift with "6/4" to make a left/right mixup. "6" is preferable. How long you hold drift will determine which side you end up on. Once you land, you can meaty with 2A, 2B, or 5B. The big advantage of this setup over roll is the ability to present a real overhead option. You can airdash back > j.C after jump cancelling 624A for a quick cross up overhead, catching the knife midair in the process. Debatably reactable, but easier to execute than roll mix with more options for playing around system mechanics.
624C Knife Catch Setup
Genkyo setup. Think of it as an enhanced knife throw mixup. Super jump to catch the knife as its falling, allowing you to perform numerous mixup options. If you don't press anything else and simply fall after catching the knife, you'll pass through the opponent and cross them up (albeit too early for this to really be a scary mixup or a perfectly timed meaty). After you cross up but before you land, jump forward and quickly air dash backwards to do an overhead with j.C. You can also airdash back > j.B after catching the knife for a sameside, spaced out safejump. With so many options to choose from, this is easily one of Ryougi's more versatile setups if you have the meter for it. The problem with this setup though is the resource cost vs reward over a 214c metered setup is questionable, as its hard to justify routing into this for how much damage the normal setup does initially. Having to catch the knife before it falls to the ground also puts you on an awkward time constraint, so a lot of options out of this are not actually meaty (potentially entirely reactable even).
214C L/R Setup
  • ... microwalk 2C > 3X~C > (slight delay) 5C > 214C > j.B(w) > land > 3C
  • ... Knife loops > 22A, 2C > (22X > 2A) > (delay) 5A6AA > 214A, 214C > j.B(w) > land > 3C (Video example)
A metered left/right setup that doesnt require knife and can be done off of knife loops. Depending on how you route into it, this route does not sacrifice much of H-Ryougi's potential high corner damage for mix at all. As you build the meter for 214C mid-combo, even with a metered knife loop starter you can get enough right at the end of the route for 214C.
The idea with this setup is you want to hit the opponent with reverse 3C, there isn't enough space inside the corner for crossunder 2C > 3X~C to connect as you are in its deadzone. This is a good thing. This mixup is much easier to actually execute than an ambiguous roll mixup because of this closeness to the corner. Once reverse 3C connects, either j8~6 drift, or simply j9 back into the corner, both work the same and will cross up. To present sameside, microwalk after 3C and before you jump. Its such a small microwalk that its possible to get it on accident, so when presenting crossup make sure to keep your fingers away from 6. Do not microdash, as that telegraphs sameside with the dust visual effect and sound cue. Meaty with 2A / 5B / 2B as always.
Character specific, as versus some characters this setup is always sameside. Documentation WIP.
4C 624A Knife Catch H/L Setup (WIP)
  • 4C > 624A~(delay)8 > delay 66 knife catch jC / 2A / 2B
A high / low mixup off of a successful overhead attempt, Butterfly setup variant. Your damage reward off of 4C is usually quite low, so going for this mixup instead can be worthwhile if you have your knife. Both jC and 2B are great damage combo starters. To make the overhead part of the mix as legit as possible, you want to delay the jump cancel by 2-3f, and delay the airdash as much as humanly possible. At best, if you do it perfectly, its a mathmatically unreactable difference (11f) between high and low. Video example WIP.
There arent many other ways to get this setup off of practical hits, but its technically possible to attempt the mixup off of a 623C OTG as well very inconsistently. This is usually fake.
Okizeme Closing Thoughts

Something worth noting is that these are just the guaranteed corner setups. There are many instances where depending on your distance to the corner you can get a roll/624A/624C setup off of combo routes that normally do not guarantee one. Any time crossunder 2C > 3X~C is possible in the corner, there is an opportunity to create a mixup. Recognizing these situations and capitalizing on them is an extremely important skill for H-Ryougi, as normally she has to get a clean grounded hit in the corner to run her setplay. Mastery of H-Ryougi's very freeform combo theory will make her mixups a threat off of most grounded hits anywhere near the corner, and sometimes even corner to corner.

Option Selects

Mixups aren't the only thing Ryougi has going for her in the okizeme department. As H-moon shares normals with C-Moon and obviously the signature 236X~236X~236X Ryougi rekka series, she has access to all of their moon-wide option selects. While nothing interaction-denying like F-Vaki's puffball, they are nevertheless a great boon in a game with such powerful defensive options.

Universal Backdash OS Variant
  • ... HKD > Meaty 2A(w) > 5B
Since Ryougi's 2C is a special snowflake forward moving sweep with insane recovery and no active frames to speak of, 5B is her preferred button for catching wakeup backdash. This works the same as any other Backdash OS. Getting this off of air throw requires conditioning the opponent to respect AT's subpar frame advantage, which will be covered in another segment.
5B > 2B DP Clash OS
  • ... Air Throw ender > 5B(B) > (2B)
  • ... Rekka HKD > 4 > delay 5B(B) > 2B
Spaced properly, 5B > 2B can be timed to clash wakeup DPs and then either counterhit them after invuln expires (5BB) or low profile them entirely for a full punish (2B). This beats both mashing and DP on wakeup, and the spacing also makes wakeup Heat attempts whiff. How much you need to delay 5B will change depending on the startup of the character in question's DP, hitbox, wakeup time, etc. Here is an example of it in action vs C-Nanaya 623B. While this can be done from midscreen, backdash being a stronger option outside of the corner makes this less useful. In the corner its quite consistent, just be aware that too far out and 2B will whiff after 5B on block. This OS also does nothing to protect you from non-DP reversals such as Tohno 214C or Satsuki's... everything. As this OS requires character / DP specific manual delay, its quite possible to just mess it up entirely and still get smoked by DP. Maybe one day someone will figure out a framekill for it.
Rekka HKD Heat OS
  • ... Rekka HKD > j9 (crosses over) > 2A(w) > 5B
  • ... Rekka HKD > j8~6 (stays sameside) > 2A(w) > 5B
(WIP) Very simple OS that autotimes a meaty 2A. Like most anti-Heat clash OSes, this works by having 2A whiff if the opponent mashes heat on wakeup, then buffering 5B behind it for a clash and full punish. Do not cancel 2A(w) into 5B as soon as you are able to, delay it very slightly. If they press buttons you get a combo anyways. If they backdash 2A whiffs and 5B might clip its recovery (in practice this feels finnicky).


Good news; you're one of the very few characters in the game with a one frame reversal super that can punish basically anything on block that isnt plus, while also being plus on block itself if you don't get a punish. This is as insane and kind of broken as it sounds.
Bad news; You need meter and your knife for that. You are also H-moon, and all your other defensive options are either kind of crap, very exploitable, or gimmicky.

With 100 Meter

22C is your problem solver. While it only has one frame of invuln on startup, it becomes active on frame 1, and will always hit at least twice unless you're point blank. This means that even if the opponent hits you, the knife will usually trade in your favor anyways even to the point of allowing you to combo. If the opponent blocks the knife? Foolish! Its so plus that nobody bothered to count anything but the minimum possible plus frames for one hit! Its your turn now by quite a large margin. If the opponent air blocks 22C? Even more foolish! They're usually stuck in blockstun long enough for you to air unblockable them with a normal, 5A6A and 5B will usually be the most consistent. 22C is absurdly strong, but it's important not to be over reliant on it. It can be low profiled by many moves (Arc 2B, Kohaku 2C, Nanaya 2C and 2B just to name a few notable ones), and even by some character's dash animations (e.g. Ciel, Kouma, F-Ryougi). It can also universally be jumped over. With great power comes great responsibility.

Using H-Bunker while in blockstun is also a decent use of meter when 22C wont cut it or you dont have your knife. The hard knockdown on hit gives you plenty of time to switch sides out of the corner or run rudimentary okizeme. While your bunker does hit lower to the ground than 22C does, you must exercise caution when you decide to bunker, as it too can tragically be low profiled. It also has the inherent weakness all H-moon bunkers do, and can be baited or OSed. It is not throw invuln. Try to look for specific moves to bunker on, and wait for the opponent to exhaust options in pressure that reliably low profile it (Satsuki slide for example).

j.236C is pretty standard fare for air moves with reversal utility. The tigerknee requirement means it cant beat meaties, its safe on block, and on hit the opponent is wallbounced giving you some breathing room. Nothing too crazy, but its nice to have when your knife is stuck on the other side of the stage.

214C has a lot of forwards movement, and can be used for a quick escape from the corner over the opponent's head. This is primarily a gimmick, and more or less just does the same thing 624B does (but worse) with some different attributes. While it does have relatively lengthy recovery, and doesn't have much invuln in the first place, the distance it puts you away from the corner is substantial enough that the opponent might not be able to punish you. This reversal looks very weak compared to your other options on paper, and it is, but it can save you in a pinch. As well as not requiring you to have your knife at hand, many moves that low profile 22C have significant recovery, and wont let the opponent punish you for flipping out on whiff. Just don't expect this to work more than once in a set, or at all. Can be shielded on reaction and whiffs on crouchers. If for whatever reason they standblock, its cancellable and they just got knowledge checked hard.

236C hard sucks, don't use this as a reversal. The invuln runs out before it becomes active. Any case where you use this on defense is incredibly niche and situational, so much so that those situations might as well not exist.


Short answer, you messed up big time and are in mortal peril. Prepare for needlessly prolonged suffering if you choose life and block like a dog.

Long answer; make friends with downback and get ready to take some throws, as you entirely lack any character specific reversal options without meter. Your parry series might tempt you, but think of this more as a tool to use against very specific okizeme setups or a hard callout than a real reversal. Trying to use parry as a reversal out of blockstun is a fantastic way to get killed almost 90% of the time. They should NOT be used like a DP nor are parries supposed to be used that way in the first place.

As for normal abare, on wakeup Ryougi doesn't really have anything to enforce her ability to mash in the first place. Meaning wake up buttons is absolutely putting your life on the line in hopes your opponent is either incompetent or THAT scared of H-Shield. That being said, her abare isnt actually all that terrible, and you can't block or passively jump out forever. Her 5A actually covers an excellent angle, and is fast enough to be a great twitch anti-air for swatting IADs and bad offensive jumps, or even beat things like Akiha tk.236A flat out at close range. 2B might seem like its a decent abare option due to its reach, and since its her best starter the reward is enticing. It's actually inferior to 5B in all aspects bar 2B's ability to low profile. If you want to mash a midrange normal, mash 5B instead. It covers way more offensive options than 2B ever does. 2C has slow startup (and embarrassingly long recovery on whiff), but it propels Ryougi very far forward, letting you challenge things like Nero summons from farther away than you might expect. It cannot be stressed enough how risky 2C is, but it has its niche usefulness. Abare 2A is painfully average for a 2A, if not slightly below average. It serves its purpose for checking dash resets and not much else.

On the gimmicky side of things, Ryougi does have some tricks up the sleeves of that fancy leather jacket. You wouldn't think of it by looking at it, but 624B is a surprisingly powerful wakeup option against bad or non-meaty corner oki that doesnt catch jumps. It also crosses up and sideswitches, so opponents can still get hit doing stupid things like passively blocking or shimmying on offense in hopes to bait shield or bunker. The proration is... strangely good? If you do manage to get 100 meter it combos into Rekka on hit, and stopping on Rekka 2 to OTG with 236C gets you almost 5k damage for slobbering on the monkey flip input. Without meter, linking into rekka is still pretty great, HKD and a corner steal. 624B itself is slightly plus on block, but not enough to actually make use of. Its effectively safe. I've been singing 624B's praises like its the best thing since sliced bread, but I have yet to mention its fatal flaw in losing to anything that catches jump is exacerbated by the fact you are in counterhit state for the entire duration of the move. It also has absolutely no invuln, and you are soley relying on the move's naturally evasive hurtboxes to avoid harm. Be aware of its limits.

Defense Closing Thoughts

All of the options listed above require you to make some sort of risky commitment, or are options that are inherently button pressing. This can only get you so far on its own, and these tools are made much weaker if you do not augment them with fundamental Melty Blood passive defensive options. Jumping out of pressure usually requires your opponent to change their strings in order to catch jumps, leaving more exploitable openings for your committal options (mashing) and letting you take your turn back the violent way. If you do get caught jumping out of pressure and get hit mid air, its not nearly as punishing as tanking a clean grounded counterhit. Its the difference between taking 5k into a mixup where you guess for game, or taking maybe 2k and mediocre air throw oki. Ryougi doesn't have many options to force her ability to mash out in the first place, so this is absolutely vital, and will go a long way to improve your overall survivability. Remember, she has the fifth lowest effective HP pool, roses are delicate and should be treated with care.


Combo Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so the actual notation used in pages can differ from the standard one.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls.

X > Y X input is cancelled into Y.
X > delay Y Must wait for a short period before cancelling X input into Y.
X, Y X input is linked into Y, meaning Y is done after X's recovery period.
X+Y Buttons X and Y must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Either the X or Y input can be used.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack X with Y follow-up input.
  2. Input X then within a few frames, input Y. Usually used for option selects.
X(w) X input must not hit the opponent (Whiff).
j.X X input is done in the air, implies a jump/jump cancel if the previous move was done from the ground.

Applies to all air chain sections:

  • Assume a forward jump cancel if no direction is given.
  • Air chains such as j.A > j.B > j.C can be shortened to j.ABC.
sj.X X input is done after a super jump. Notated as sj8.X and sj9.X for neutral and forward super jumps respectively.
dj.X X input is done after a double jump.
sdj.X X input is done after a double super jump.
tk.X Stands for Tiger Knee. X motion must be buffered before jumping, inputting the move as close to the ground as possible. (ex. tk.236A)
(X) X is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input X is held down. Also referred to as Blowback Edge (BE). Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input X is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down. This type of input is referred to as Negative Edge.
{X} Button X should only be held down briefly to get a partially charged version instead of the fully charged one.
X(N) Attack "X" should only hit N times.
(XYZ)xN XYZ string must be performed N times. Combos using this notation are usually referred to as loops.
(XYZ^) A pre-existing combo labelled XYZ is inserted here for shortening purposes.
CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit.
Air CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit on an airborne opponent.
66 Performs a ground forward dash.
j.66 Performs an aerial forward dash, used as a cancel for certain characters' air strings.
IAD/IABD Performs an Instant AirDash.
AT Performs an Air Throw. (j.6/4A+D)
IH Performs an Initiative Heat.
AD Performs an Arc Drive.
AAD Performs an Another Arc Drive.


  • 22X refers to knife pickup, rather than throw.
  • 63214X is abbreviated as 624X, however this does not mean you can skip the diagonals.
  • 2B and 5B can be used interchangeably as combo fodder quite often, however 2B > 5B does more damage than 5B > 2B.
  • Ryougi can end almost any air combo with either Air Throw or j.236B, favoring positioning and damage respectively.
  • For air combos, Ryougi's j.A, j.B, and j.6B have identical damage, but different hitboxes, different startups, and different changes to the opponent's momentum. You can interchange them in any air combo that uses j.B to see which one works better for you.
  • Rekka ender gives better oki than air throw ender.
  • On airborne opponents (example: 2C > rekkas), the final ~236A input must be reversed (~214A instead of ~236A) midscreen on every character except the following; Satsuki, Necos, and White Len at certain hitcounts
  • 5BB > 214A drops after hitcount passes 11.

Normal Combos


Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent (Rekka BnB, Basic)
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > 236A~236A~236A
Meter Gained: 42.7% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 18.3% (Video)
Your rekka BnB. Very easy and always useful. Hard knockdown gives you time to pick your knife back up, meaty, safejump, whatever you want really. There is a slight trick to get it to work midscreen properly, Refer to the notes at the start of the combo section.
Normal starter, grounded opponent (Rejump BnB)
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > 5A6AA > delay j.AC > land > j.AC > dj.AC > (AT)/(j.236B)
4178 / 4262
Meter Gained: 73.1% / 77.3% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 32.4% / 33.1% (Video)
Your 5A6AA rejump BnB. Easy damage for not much effort, you're going to be using this and the airdash route a lot so get used to it now. You want the first j.AC to hit as you descend, press j.A as you start to fall and j.C before you touch the ground, refer to the video example. j.C has a lot of untech time so don't feel like you have to rush. At lower hitcounts (and in the mirror match), you will need to heavily delay ~6AA in order for it to connect.
Normal starter, grounded opponent (Alternate BnB)
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 2C > 5C > j8.C > 66j.AC > land > j8.C > sdj.AC > (AT)/(j.236B)
4116 / 4242
Meter Gained: 63.3% / 67.5% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 28.2% / 28.9% (Video)
Alternative BnB utilizing an airdash cancel. Works both midscreen and corner, but can drop in the corner vs some characters. You can sometimes do j7 instead of j8 to help make this more consistent / work in the corner (Example: Tohno). Decent corner carry and meterless damage without having to do anything too fancy. If you aren't comfortable with 66j.AC, do 6A+Bj.AC instead. Without sdj, AT ender will not reach, but j.236b will. Some characters will drop out of j8.C if you are not fast enough; notably Miyako, Sion, Hisui, Ciel, and both Lens. You can circumvent this by immediately holding 8 after you press 5C to jump cancel as soon as possible, then pressing C again right as you see it hit. This method is not necessary for it to connect if it feels too awkward for you.

623B Loops

623B loops can be routed into on almost any opponent launched by 22A or 3C. They have much better meter gain, corner carry, and okizeme than air combos while still sporting comparable enough damage.

Since 623B does not have full untech, you want to hit them as close to the ground as possible after 2C > 3C so they cant airtech out before landing. Delaying 3C or partial charging 623{B} can help with consistency. If you are too far out for 2C to connect and don't want to drop you can cut the route early with 623A instead of 2C, giving you HKD. If you did the loop properly, you will pick your knife back up on the second rep, as you need to crouch for 2C right ontop of where you tossed it.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, midscreen or farther, knife
  • (2A) > 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > 5A > 22A, [2C > 3C > 623B,] x 2, 2C > 3C > 236A~236X~236A
Meter Gained: 67 Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 41.5 (Video)
623B loop with Rekka HKD in favor of full corner carry. Does less damage but you dont need to spend meter for HKD. Whether or not you reverse rekka 3 input is context dependent
Normal starter, midscreen or farther, knife
  • (2A) > 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > 5A > 22A, [2C > 3C > 623B,] x 2, 2C > 3C > 5A6AA > 214A, j9.AC > dj.AC > AT
Meter Gained: 99.3 Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 86.1 (Video)
623B loop with an air combo extension, carries full corner to corner and generates effectively 100 meter. If you picked your knife up you can route into j22C to get rekka HKD and a bit more damage. Finicky on some characters, delaying the last 6A stabilizes it and makes it work on Ryougi.

Airborne opponent

Ryougi's reward on hit versus airborne opponents leaves much to be desired, but is drastically improved by spending meter on a j22C extension.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, airborne opponent
  • 5B(B) > j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Generic antiair combo.
Normal starter, airborne opponent
  • 5A6A(A) > j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Does more damage than the 5BB antiair combo above. Requires the enemy to be very close to the ground and/or significant delays between each hit in the 5A 6AA series. This is the standard meterless midscreen combo to confirm into after an air-to-air counterhit.

4C Starter

All 4C > 22A combo routes have a ~3 frame cancel window for knife toss to connect.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
4C starter, grounded opponent (Basic)
  • 4C > 236A~236A~236A
Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
Knifeless, meterless overhead combo. At extremely close range the third rekka may cross up, reverse inputs accordingly.
4C starter, grounded opponent, knife (Basic)
  • 4C > 22A , 5BB > j.BC > dj.(B)C > (AT)/(j.236B)
2266 / 2370

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Basic meterless combo off of Ryougi's ground overhead. Using 5C instead of 5BB does about 50 more damage, and in some cases lets you recatch the knife.
4C starter, grounded opponent, knife
  • 4C > 22A , 2C > 3C > 623B , 2C > delay 3C > delay 5A6A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT
Meter Gained: 71.26% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 31.6% (Video)
Advanced midscreen overhead combo. You can start 623B loops off of the first 623B, but past the 2nd rep it is very inconsistent. If you wish to sacrifice about 200 damage for consistency, as the delay timing for 2C > 3C is character specific, you can pick up after 623B with 2C > 5BB instead. Depending on screen position you can reverse your AT direction to get closer to your knife.
4C starter, corner, grounded opponent, knife (Basic)
  • 4C > 22A , 5BB > 214A , j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained: 51.45% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 23.1%
Meterless corner combo off of her ground overhead. Provides air throw oki, but doesn't put you right on top of the knife.
4C starter, corner, grounded opponent, knife
  • 4C > 22A , 2C > tk.236B, [~4] 5BB > 214A, [~6] 2C > 3X~C > (421X / 22X)
Meter Gained: 54.95% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 31.6% (Video)
Roll setup from 4C. See okizeme section at the top of the page for more details
4C starter (close), corner, grounded opponent, knife
  • 4C > 22A , 2C > 3C > 22X > microwalk 5A6AA > delay jAC > land > jAC > dj.AC > AT
Meter Gained: 69.65% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 30.9% (Video)
4C corner combo utilizing knife pickup and a rejump. The microwalk forward is for consistency and acts as a delay. Depending on how high the enemy is after the rejump you may need to sdj for air throw to be possible.
4C starter (close), corner, grounded opponent, knife
  • 4C > 22A, Knife loop
Variable 2.6k ~ 4k

Meter Gained: High, variable Meter Given (vs C-Moon): Variable
As long as you are close enough to do the above knife pickup routes, you can start knife loops. While the damage is very low compared to normal loops, the meter build is fantastic.

Extremely Character Specific (WIP)

This section is subject to expand. This section will probably mostly be filled with rekka loops in the future, but sorting through which are practical on a reward basis will take some time. The key principle of rekka loops is hitting Rekka 1 in a way that causes Rekka 2 to whiff, allowing Rekka 3A ender to float the opponent high enough on hit to allow a 2A link after. The window to hit this link can be quite tight, one frame in many occasions.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent, knife
Works On: Warachia, Akiha, Powered Ciel, Nero
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > 5A > 236B~236A(w)~214A , 2A > 2C > 5C > 22A , 2C > 3C > 623B , 236A~236A~236A

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
One of her most damaging midscreen combos (citation needed), 236A also works on some characters. 214A input is reversed during the rekkas; original input is 236A. Timing is variant depending on the character.

OTG Routes

236C enables easy, unburstable relaunches on downed opponents. It can also do shockingly high damage depending on the preceding hit. Early 623A knockdowns can easily top 5k damage.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent, 100% meter, OTG 236C. (Basic)
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > 236A~236A~236A , 236C , j.BC > dj.BC > AT / j.236B
4624 / 4677

Meter Gained: -46.8% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 38.7%
A basic metered OTG combo that works anywhere on the screen. You don't have to time the jump cancel on 236C, just hold j9 and you will jump as soon as possible.
Normal starter, grounded opponent, 100% meter, OTG 236C.
Works On: Everyone except Necos, see notes.
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > 236A~236A~236A , 236C , delay j.A/B > delay j.C > land > j.AC > j.AC > AT
Meter Gained: -43.1% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 46.6% (Video)
Optimized version of the above 236C route, with a rejump. Delay the first j.AC so you hit them with j.C just before you land. The first j.A whiffs vs Hisui, Akiha, Vakiha, Arc, Warc, Mech, Seifuku, and Len. Substitute it for j.B instead.


624C Combo Extensions

GENKYO! Big damage off of any grounded hit into Rekkas. H-Ryougi's midscreen damage is usually lackluster, so these are handy to learn. The highest damage midscreen version, the airdash route, is also considerably easier than a lot of H-Ryougi's other damage routes. It's recommended beginners learn that route once they're comfortable with the basics and need to get better reward on hit.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent, 100% meter, knife
  • (2A >) 2B > 5B > 5C > 236B~236A~236C > 624C, 2C > 3C > 5C > j8.C > 66j.AC > land > j.C > dj.AC > j.236B
5794 (2A), 6171 (2B)
Meter Gained: -37.4% (2A), -39.5% (2B) Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 42.2% (2A), 41.3% (2B) (Video)
Huge damage, especially from 2b starter. Works both midscreen and in the corner. In the corner, 66j.AC may drop vs some characters. You can always do j.BC > dj.BC > AT / j.C > 66j.C > dj.C for your air combo if it doesn't work there. The price you pay for doing 6.1k is leaving your knife on the other side of the stage.
Normal starter, grounded opponent, 100% meter, knife
  • (2A >) 2B > 5B > 5C > 236B~236A~236C > 624C, 2C > delay 3C > 623B, 2C > 3C > 623B, 2C > 3C > 5A6AA > 214A > j.A/BC > dj.A/BC > AT
5657 (2A), 6059 (2B)
Meter Gained: -9.6 (2A), -11.7% (2B) Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 82.7 (2A), 76.2% (2B) (Video)
Another high damage 624C combo, this one is corner to corner and gives you your knife back. Only works with your back to the corner or at least right outside of it. Make sure you have enough room for 623B to recover outside of the corner, you want to be perfectly spaced for 2C. If you look too far away for the second 2C link you can do 623A instead to save the conversion with a knockdown, cutting it short.

j.22C Combo Extensions

Ryougi can extend effectively any air combo with j.22C to get more damage and much better okizeme than her airthrow gives her, especially midscreen. This is absolutely vital, as otherwise Ryougi struggles to enforce her turn after an air combo ends. Thanks to H-moon's auto-pickup mechanic, you usually can get your knife back afterwards.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
From air combo, midscreen, knife save
  • Air Combo > j.22C, 2C > 3C > 623B, 2C > 3C > 623A
Combo dependent

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Arguably the most useful j.22C extension as 623A gives you HKD and puts you right on top of your knife. Has effectively the same combo properties as 623B loops so there will be character specific delays, but with time you can eyeball those and this is much easier than a full loop. Learn this one!
From air combo, corner, knife save (Basic)
  • Air Combo > j.22C, 2C > 3C > 236A~236A~236A
Combo dependent

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Rekka ender, still gives you HKD. In the corner your knife will be right next to you, and you still get Rekka ender oki.
From air combo, corner, knife save
  • Air Combo > j.22C, 2C > 3C > 623B, 236A~236X~236A
Combo dependent

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Optimized version of above route. Your knife will be right next to you.
From air combo, corner, low hitcount
  • Air Combo > j.22C, 66 > 5BB > 214A, [~6] 2C > 3X~C > Mixup / Knife loop
Combo dependent

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
This extension lets you get a mixup after catching an opponent's jump in the corner. Alternatively can go for knife loops for damage if you need to kill.
From air combo, corner, low hitcount
  • Air Combo > j.22C, 2C > (3C) > 5BB > 214A, [~6] 2C > 3X~C > Mixup / Knife loop
Combo dependent

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
A more optimal version of the combo above. Alternatively also can go for knife loops for damage. Very difficult to get 2C to properly cross under.

Corner Combos

Almost all of H-Ryougi's corner combos are either a knife loop variant, or some sort of setplay utilizing 2C > 3X~C. As the execution required for these routes can be daunting for beginners, a section of easier combos has been included.

Beginner / non-loop corner combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent, corner, knife (Basic)
  • (2A >) 2B > 5B(B) > 5C > 2C > 5A > 22A , [2C > 3C > 623B,] x2, 236A~236X~236A
Meter Gained: 86.5% (from 100) Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 37% (Video)
A beginner-friendly corner combo route, granting similar damage and oki than Ryougi's air combo bnb. This is a good way to practice the basics of 623B loops, as well as practice converting off of 22A.
Normal starter, grounded opponent, corner (Basic)
  • (2A >) 2B > 5C > 2C > 5BB > 214A [~6], 2C > 3X~C > Mixup
Meter Gained: 43.7% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 18.7% (Video)
A more beginner-friendly combo route into Ryougi's mixups, omitting any knife pickup cancels or tk.236Bs. While it is simplified, getting used to the microwalk into corner as well as the 3C plink required for side correction will prove challenging for inexperienced players.

Corner Steal Combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent, inside corner (Basic)
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 3C > 623B, 2C > 3C > 236A~236X~236A
Meter Gained: 22 Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 22 (Video)
An easy, meterless, knifeless corner steal using 3C. At farther ranges 3C will whiff. Reverse the last rekka.
Normal starter, grounded opponent, inside corner, knife
  • (2A >) 2B > 5BB > 3C > 623B, 2C > (3C) > delay 5B > 624A, 2C > 3X~C > 623B, 2C > 3X~C > 22X
Meter Gained: 43.2 Meter Given (vs C-Moon): 29 (Video)
Advanced corner steal route, loops back to the corner for a roll mixup. Very useful after crossup roll as it enables Ryougi to loop her mixups into itself from crossup.

Knife Pickup Loops

The loop H-Ryougi is known for. If you don't know anything else about H-moon, you know she has knife loops. Notable for very good meter build, effectively auto-heat on demand. The ability to consistently convert into knife loops massively improves your chances of winning if you can do it, and shoots her tier placement up at least a half a letter. Since H-Ryougi's routing is very freeform and can flow into other routes depending on positioning, its a bit futile to try to list every single possible loop starter. The combo theory behind knife loops, however, is generally consistent across all starters. Once you know how to do a rep or two, feel free to just use whatever sort of starter works for you (provided you actually get some damage out of it). The link gets tighter after about 3 reps if you do not change your routing, but that's just part of the combo theory.

If you wish to practice the timing on 2C pickup or the knife pickup cancel (or if you still struggle with 2C > tk.236b), you can do 2C > 5C > 22A or (standing only) stuff > 214A, 5A > 22A to start loops. Try to keep your hitcount at or below 32 hits total. While its very possible to go past that, the infinite prevention system kicks in and your opponent rapidly builds meter, meaning you get diminishing returns as burst is more available to the opponent.

Below is an incomplete list of possible loops:

  • [2C > 3C > 22X > 5B > 22A] x N
  • [2C > 3C > 22X > 2B > 22A] x N
  • [2C > 3C > 22X > 2A > 2C > 22A] x N
  • [2C > 3C > 22X > 2A > 2C > delay 5C > 22A] x N
  • [2C > 3C > 22X > 2A > 2C > 3C > 5C > 22A] x N

The 5B variant is universal, 2A > 2C > delay 5C usually will start to work at higher gravity. Other than that, which loops do and don't work is somewhat character and hitcount specific.

Now here's a list of common possible loop enders:

  • ... > 22A, 236A~236X~236A
  • ... > 22A, 2C > 3C > ((623B,) 236A~236X~236A)
  • ... > 22A, 2C > (3C) > 5A6AA > 4C > 22X
  • ... > 22A, 2C > delay 5A6AA > 214A, 214C > jB(w) > 3C

Ender is mostly preference, but generally you want to end knifeloops with a hard knockdown. Meterless, a safejump / rekka oki is the best you're going to get. With meter for 214C though it is possible (but difficult) to set up a left/right mixup at higher hitcounts.

The combo table for this section should not be taken as law, as there are MANY ways to route into knife loops. Treat them as examples only.

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent, knife
Works On: (See Notes)
  • (2A) > 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > tk.236B, 5A > 22A, [2C > 3C > 22X > 2A > 2C > (delay) 5C > 22A] x N > 2C > 3C > 623B, 236A~236A~236A

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
More than two loops may be possible depending on the character. Works on Aoko, Riesbyfe, V.Sion, Warachia, Akiha, Powered Ciel, and Seifuku. Possible with very strict timing and / or lots of delays on Tohno, Nanaya, Sion, Hisui, Arc, and Kohaku.
Normal starter, grounded opponent. knife
Works On: Everyone
  • (2A) > 2B > 5BB > 5C > 2C > tk.236B, 5A > 22A, [2C > 3C > 22X > 5B > 22A] x N, [2C > 3C > 22X > 2A > 2C > delay 5C > 22A] x N, 2C > 3C > 623B, 236A~236X~236A

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Universal on entire cast. Try to go into the 2A > 2C > 5C loop as soon as you build enough gravity for it to work since it deals way more damage than the 5B version. 2B can be used instead of 5B. Makes no real difference, use whatever is easier for you. 2A > 2C may be impossible or at least very difficult on some characters. However, 2A > 5C will always work so long as you have built up enough gravity.
Normal starter, grounded opponent, 100% meter, knife
  • (2A) > 5BB > 2B > 5C > 2C > tk.236B, 5A > 22A, 2C > 3C > 22X > 2A > 5C > 22C, [2C > 3C > 22X , 2A > 2C > (delay) 5C > 22A] x2 > 2C > 3C > 623B, 236A~236X~236A
Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
A metered knife loop variant. Unlike meterless versions, this is universal.
Normal starter, grounded opponent, 100% meter, knife
  • (2A) > 2B > (5B) > 5C > 236A/B~236X~236C > 22C, 2C > delay tk.236B knife catch > 5A > 22A, [2C > 3C > 22X > 5B > 22A] x N, ([2C > 3C > 22X > 2A > 2C > delay 5C > 22A] x N), 2C > 3C > (623B,) 236A~236X~236A
Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
Advanced metered knife loop, utilizing ~236C Rekka to EX cancel to EX knife. Very good damage and can be meter positive.

Additional Resources

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Rekka loop document sourced from Gantryman

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Japan Play Spot BIG ONE 2nd Active Legendary H-Ryougi player, absolute lab monster. Showcases almost everything the character has to offer, or at least he used to.
Loves to go camping. Can be found on Twitter.


North America Netplay Active Top BlazBlue player that picked up H-Ryougi on the side. Great gamesense.
Known for his patience on defense in BlazBlue, and that carries over to this game as well. Very consistent.


North America (Moved to Japan) Netplay Inactive(?) Arguably the best H-Ryougi. Uses random color palettes most of the time. Found in the main Discord.
Great at forcing arcane unconventional interactions, turning any interaction into a potential mixup. Showcases a ton of crazy setups and difficult combos. Most of his footage is unfortunately lost.


Europe Netplay Inactive Europe's ryougi rep. Inconsistent performance, but occasionally showcases some interesting gimmicks such as IAD knifecatch j.C instant overhead. Very scrambly.

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