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Additional Resources

C-P.Ciel Match Video Database
Melty Bits: C-Powerd Ciel

Players to watch/ask


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General Gameplan

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Combo Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so the actual notation used in pages can differ from the standard one.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls.

X > Y X input is cancelled into Y.
X > delay Y Must wait for a short period before cancelling X input into Y.
X, Y X input is linked into Y, meaning Y is done after X's recovery period.
X+Y Buttons X and Y must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Either the X or Y input can be used.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack X with Y follow-up input.
  2. Input X then within a few frames, input Y. Usually used for option selects.
X(w) X input must not hit the opponent (Whiff).
j.X X input is done in the air, implies a jump/jump cancel if the previous move was done from the ground.

Applies to all air chain sections:

  • Assume a forward jump cancel if no direction is given.
  • Air chains such as j.A > j.B > j.C can be shortened to j.ABC.
sj.X X input is done after a super jump. Notated as sj8.X and sj9.X for neutral and forward super jumps respectively.
dj.X X input is done after a double jump.
sdj.X X input is done after a double super jump.
tk.X Stands for Tiger Knee. X motion must be buffered before jumping, inputting the move as close to the ground as possible. (ex. tk.236A)
(X) X is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input X is held down. Also referred to as Blowback Edge (BE). Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input X is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down. This type of input is referred to as Negative Edge.
{X} Button X should only be held down briefly to get a partially charged version instead of the fully charged one.
X(N) Attack "X" should only hit N times.
(XYZ)xN XYZ string must be performed N times. Combos using this notation are usually referred to as loops.
(XYZ^) A pre-existing combo labelled XYZ is inserted here for shortening purposes.
CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit.
Air CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit on an airborne opponent.
66 Performs a ground forward dash.
j.66 Performs an aerial forward dash, used as a cancel for certain characters' air strings.
IAD/IABD Performs an Instant AirDash.
AT Performs an Air Throw. (j.6/4A+D)
IH Performs an Initiative Heat.
AD Performs an Arc Drive.
AAD Performs an Another Arc Drive.

All of C-PCiel's routes work off of a 2A, jump-in or throw starter.

Normal Combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 3C > 6C > 6B > 2C, 3C > 6C > 6B > 2C, 3C > 6C > 6B > 2B > 5C > 4C > AT > j.236A~A, 236B~B
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Also known as “The Loop”. This is your works-anywhere BnB off of any random hit as long as you can land that 3C. It will carry your opponent to the corner, regardless of where you started it from. Depending on your exact spacing or what character you’re doing this combo on, you might have to delay the 6C on every rep of the loop. The Loop does not work on Roa, Satsuki or Riesbyfe. 2C does not OTG these three properly. Use the combo below for these cases.
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 6C > 236B~C, (walk forward) 2B > 6B > 5[C] > 236[A], 66 3C > 6C > 6B > 2C, 3C > 6C > 6B > 2B > 5C > 4C > AT > j.236A~A, 236B~B
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Alternate, slightly harder, midscreen combo route that carries to the corner from anywhere. Depending on how the 236[A] connects, the opponent might wallslam – if they do, omit the italicized part of the string.

Corner Combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 2C(1) > 6C > 236B~C, 236[A], 5[C] > 236[A], 6[B] > 236[A], 3C > 6C > 6B > 2B > 5C > 4C > AT > j.236A~A, 236B~B
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Basic corner combo. 236[A] only connects with the second hit in this combo.

Move Descriptions

Frame Data Help
Header Tooltip
Move Box Colors

Light gray = Collision Box (A move lacking one means it can go through the opponent's own collision box).
Green: Hurt Boxes.
Red: Hit(/Grab) Boxes.
Yellow: Clash Boxes (When an active hitbox strikes a clash box, the active hitbox stops being active. Multi-hit attacks can beat clash since they will still progress to the next hitbox.)
Magenta: Projectile-reflecting boxes OR Non-hit attack trigger boxes (usually).
Blue: Reflectable Projectile Boxes.

Damage Base damage done by this attack.

(X) denotes combined and scaled damage tested against standing V. Sion.

Red Damage Damage done to the recoverable red health bar by this attack. The values are inherently scaled and tested against standing V. Sion.

(X) denotes combined damage.

Proration The correction value set by this attack and the way it modifies the scaling during a string. See this page for more details.

X% (O) means X% Overrides the previous correction value in a combo if X is of a lower percentage.
X% (M) means the current correction value in a combo will be Multiplied by X%. This can also be referred to as relative proration.

Circuit Meter gained by this attack on hit.

(X%) denotes combined meter gain.
-X% denotes a meter cost.

Cancel Actions this move can be cancelled into.

SE = Self cancelable.
N = Normal cancelable.
SP = Special cancelable.
CH = Cancelable into the next part of the same attack (Chain in case of specials).
EX = EX cancelable.
J = Jump cancelable.
(X) = Cancelable only on hit.
-X- = Cancelable on whiff.

Guard The way this move must be blocked.

L = Can block crouching
H = Can block standing.
A = Can block in the air.
U = Unblockable.

Startup Amount of frames that must pass prior to reaching the active frames. Also referred to as "True Startup".
Active The amount of frames that this move will have a hitbox.

(x) denotes frame gaps where there are no hitboxes is present. Due to varied blockstuns, (x) frames are difficult to use to determine punish windows. Generally the larger the numbers, the more time you have to punish.
X denotes active frames with a duration separate from its origin move's frame data, such as projectile attacks. In this case, the total length of the move is startup+recovery only.

Recovery Frames that this move has after the active frames if not canceled. The character goes into one frame where they can block but not act afterwards, which is not counted here.
Advantage The difference in frames where you can act before your opponent when this move is blocked (assuming the move isn't canceled and the first active frame is blocked).

If the opponent uses a move with startup that is at least 2 frames less than this move's negative advantage, it will result in the opponent hitting that move.
±x~±y denotes a range of possible advantages.

Invul Lists any defensive properties this move has.

X y~z denotes X property happening between the y to z frames of the animations. If no frames are noted, it means the invincibility lasts through the entire move.


Strike = Strike invincible.
Throw = Throw invincible.

Hurtbox-Based Properties:

Full = No hurtboxes are present.
High = Upper body lacks a hurtbox.
Low = Lower body lacks a hurtbox.

Miscellaneous Properties

Clash = Frames in which clash boxes are active.
Reflect = Frames in which projectile-reflecting boxes are active.
Super Armor = Frames in which the character can take hits without going into hit stun.

Normal Moves

Standing Normals

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
350 98 75% (O) 3.5% -SE-, -N-, -SP-, -EX-, (J) LH 6 3 9 0 -

Above average 5A due to being a disjointed A normal. Some characters might have a use for this kind of 5A, but in C-P.Ciel's case this move is only 1f faster than 5B which is like the ultimate god-king of poking with this character. No need to press this button, but good to have.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
600 392 80% (O) 5.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 7 3 17 -5 -

That massive wall of hitbox appears on frame 8 and lasts for 3 frames. This is your short-range poke of choice, due to being C-P.Ciel's only non-C button move that doesn't present a vulnerable hitbox before its active frames. In layman's terms, you cant poke at this move's hitbox until it's already active. If you space yourself properly it can even make for a workable antiair. A core part of your moveset. Experiment with this move to get yourself a proper feel for how it works and what you can do with it.

Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
5C 1000 686 70% (O) 5.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 10 3 24 -9 -

The sprite says it all, really. This is a love/hate move, you'll love slapping people out of their IADs using this and collecting 5k damage off the counterhit, and you'll froth at the mouth with rage when it whiffs on a croucher for the millionth time. The smaller crouching chars like Len and Kohaku will give you the most grief when trying to poke grounded opponents with this. With 24f recovery, you don't really want to whiff this, but it's not as bad on recovery you think it is. 11f startup may give you the temptation to use this over 5B at close range due to being 3f slower, but resist the temptation. What's crucial to note is that the very tip of this move will still combo into 236A, giving C-P.Ciel by far the longest range combo into hard knockdown achievable in the entire game. Be ready to followup if you're poking long range targets with this. Charging it doubles the startup but moves you forward a large amount. It also creates a big green vulnerable hitbox in front of you before the active frames so be very cautious.

5[C] 1000 686 70% (O) 8.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 23 3 24 -9 -

This move has a noticeably long charge time as well as an extended hurtbox because of its forward movement before the hitbox comes out. This move causes a wall bounce on hit and is mostly used for corner carry after 236B~C > 2B > 6B at midscreen. It's also used for corner combos after 236B~C > 236[A]. Charged 5[C] will combo into 236[A] at any range but requires awkward timing; in the corner it requires them to be high enough for the first hit of 236[A] to whiff.

Crouching Normals

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
300 98 72% (O) 2.0% SE, N, SP, EX, (J) L 5 4 8 0 -

Look at that hitbox. As you can tell this move is quite bad and shouldn't be used unless you're absolutely certain you NEED the extra speed. It has 5 frames of startup so don't get any ideas about poking unless you can REALLY see a big hole. If you try to throw this around like you're playing Nanaya or something you will get punished. You have far better choices for poking. However, saving this button in blockstrings will let you do 6[B]/6B half charge 2A for a 50/50 without ending your pressure if it gets blocked, so this button being a rapid fire low is pretty good.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
700 441 80% (O) 6.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 7 4 17 -6 -

Bog-standard crouching poke. Again, while some characters might have a use for this move, C-P.Ciel has 5B which has the same startup as this move, covers the same area (and more) and doesn't have vulnerable startup like this move does. However, since most of the time you already use 5B in blockstrings, whiffing an A button into 2B will net you frametraps when 5B isn't available.

What low?
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
500*2 (838) (657) 70% (O), 65% (O) 5.0%*2 (10.0%) N, SP, EX, (J) LH 9 2 (7) 3 11 -8, 4 Low 1-18

A great little move. The first kick comes out on the 10th frame which would make it a reasonable antiair if you didn't have a DP with 4f startup. If you're feeling funky you can try to AA with this, being a 2-hit move you will get all the time in the world to hitconfirm it into 4C. Throwing this into your pressure strings will confuse the opponent a bit because of how weird it looks and the delay between the hits. This move is great for picking up grounded hits which is how the 6B loop works. It doesn't reach very far, so be sure of the distance once you do get a grounded confirm. Also, did I mention this is +4 on block?

Jumping Normals


  • P.Ciel's air normals cannot be canceled into other air normals, double jump, air dashes or air throw. They can still be Special/EX canceled on block, however.
  • j.A does not recover in midair, P.Ciel must land before recovering if j.A isn't canceled.
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
300 98 75% (O) 2.0% SP, EX LHA 5 4 - - -

5f startup means it's fast, which is the only good thing I can say about it. If you're adamant about using this move, cancel into 214A to retain your air options or visually confirm the CH with j.236AA for that sweet knockdown.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
500 392 90% (O) 5.0% SP, EX HA 6 4 - - -

This move is 3f faster than j.C but you probably won't want to use this very often besides. You can however mix this with low airdash whiff into low/throw.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1000 686 90% (O) 7.0% SP, EX HA 9 5 - - -

This move, while just above-average in the context of this game's jumping normals, is incredible in the context of C-P.Ciel's otherwise awful selection. You can confidently go into air poking wars vs at least half the cast with this thing. It's pertinent to note that this has the same startup as j.236A, which could be a better choice in many situations, especially whenever you're finding yourself below someone. This also has a crossup hitbox so you can do lots of fun things that make people extremely frustrated. Just remember, this is an extremely poor jumpin. It WORKS, but it isn't good and it will let you down more often than not if you try to jump at most characters with it. Don't even THINK about jumping at someone like H/F-Kouma with this move.

Command Normals

Wake up please
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
6B 600 294 50% (O) 4.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 10 2 34 -18 -

Hard knockdown vs any airborne target. Crucial part of the 6B loop. Has a nice big meaty hurtbox but its' slower startup makes it a poor choice for poking when you could just be pressing 5b instead. One of your main uses of this move outside of the 6B loop is to catch air counterhits, 6B > 3C will give you an easy combo starter vs any airborne target. s. You can half-charge this move into 3C/2A for a basic high/low mixup.

6[B] 700 294 50% (O) 5.0% N, SP, EX, (J) H 24 2 34 -18 -

On charge, it becomes a 24f startup overhead vs ground targets and will groundbounce airborne target. Condition your opponent into thinking you'll just throw out your safer/longer moves in a blockstring to try to reset them. You can mix this with half charge 2A as well as 3C and you'll be just fine. It's hard to see past 214X Oki, so be sure to wake your opponent up with this every now and again once you get that type of knockdown. Rebeat this into 5A, and you'll be safe(-1). No harm throwing this move every now and again, right?

The Princess Sweep
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
800 294 65% (O) 5.0% N, SP, EX, (J) L 5 4 27 -13 -

Your sweep is 3C. Yes, this will piss you off a lot until you get used to it. But it's worth the effort since this is one of C-P.Ciel's best normals. If you're fishing for a whiff punish, this 5 framer will back you up. It moves forward slightly, so catch your antsy opponents jumping by sticking this after a long delay. Understand that its range is nothing to write home about, but with time you will get used to what distances will enable to begin loops. This is your hit confirm off any stray Air to air into 623AA/Anti-air counter hit/grounded 236B~C hit. If you get the counter hit and want to pick up again, 2c or 5[C] works but you need to be FAST. If you're not confident in being able to pick up from this, you can 236B~B to secure a knockdown in the corner OR you can delay cancel into 214[A] to settle for some easy OKI.

Linne is that you?
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
800 686 80% (O) 5.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 11 3 23 -8 -

This move is kind of like 2C, it makes for a servicable antiair if you struggle to get your DPs out. It puts out a vulnerable box 2f before your active frames so it won't bail you out of reaction situations, but it covers a good vertical space making this great for prediction on your opponent's air approach. This is a specific anti-air meant to be used to cover the range above your head that 5C, 2C, and 236B~B won't. This launches on grounded hit. YMMV.

I'm inside
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1000 490 70% (O) 5.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 11 4 25 -11 Low 1-15

Has some low invulnerability from frame 1 and full low invulnerability from frame 5. If you're VS a nanaya or tohno who love to press their sweeps a lot in neutral you can perhaps low crush them with this. For blockstrings you can use this to stay in your opponent's face and keep the pressure on with its incredible delay window.

This move combos from 5C at all but the very edges of 5C's hitbox, but if you're working at extreme ranges then timing your 236B~C becomes extremely difficult and you should consider 236A instead. If you're going to be poking with this, you need to be good at adapting your combos since both of C-P.Ciel's BnBs involve comboing into this move. You can either go back to 5C and then 236B~C, which is going to be fairly hard, or start a 6B loop and replace 6C with 5C for the first loop, with no timing adjustment required. If you're unconfident with either method then don't forget you always have the "easy option" of going into 236A and guaranteeing yourself that hard knockdown+corner carry. Be sure to confirm the distance of this move when you land that hit.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
600 392 30% 6.0% (Any) U 2 1 20 - -

A ground throw that gives no knockdown but acts as a combo starter, much like Miyako's.

Air Throw
Air Throw
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1600 (1408, Raw)
1034 30% 16.0% (Raw)
(Any if Raw)
(SP, EX)
U 1 1 12 - -

P.Ciel launches the opponent upwards. Hard knockdown if done raw, Air techable but special/EX cancelable if done in a combo.

Shield Bunker
Shield Bunker
214D in neutral or blockstun
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
Bunker 500 196 50% 0.0%
(-50.0% in blockstun)
- LHA 25 4 19 -5 Clash 1-10
(Clash) 500 196 50% 0.0%/-50.0% - LHA 7 4 19 -5 Strike 1-7

Big bunker.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
100 0 100% -100.0% (min) - U 14 5 26 - Full 1-19

Second fastest heat startup in the game along with Hime's.

Circuit Spark
Circuit Spark
A+B+C during hitstun/blockstun at MAX
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
Ground 100 0 100% removes all - U 10 10 20 - Full 1-39
Air 100 0 100% removes all - U 11 10 15 - Strike 1-30

Universal burst mechanic. Unlike Crescent/Full Heat activation, the hitbox and frame data doesn't vary between characters. However, you can be thrown out of this move if you input it in the air.

Special Moves

Arc Drive

Name 「JP name」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Simply describe the move here and what it can be used for

  • (A version) - You rush at them with an active hitbox for the first hit and then kick them into the sky like you're Hazama. What's crucial to know about this move is that you can combo into it from ANYWHERE off ANY grounded C normal that doesn't sweep. Get into the habit of pressing this whenever you poke with 5c, at that kind of range its safe in most situations. If you're ever unsure whether you can make a combo through "normal" methods, cut your losses and press this, it combos into j.C fairly easily. The hard knockdown is the most important thing.

  • (B version) YOUR MOST IMPORTANT SPECIAL MOVE, READ THIS: This rushes you forward like 236A, but for a much longer range, practically fullscreen when you include any of the enders. It has no offensive hitbox, but look at that yellow clashbox. LOOK VERY CLOSELY. You need to learn what you can and can't clash with this, it changes matchups drastically. You can clash stuff-fu, but if she throws double-horizontal you sometimes get hit out of it. You need to learn what you can and can't do with this move VS every character, because it's completely crucial to her game. What this move does is give you an incredibly powerful tool vs many characters who like to sit back and do shit at long range. Think C-nero, C-roa, F-aoko. You can use this to get right in Aoko's face when she tries to build an orb fort and it's hilarious. You can use it to slap C-nero out of his summons but if he does A snake or some kind of deer you're in trouble. What's crucial to this move is how fast it is compared with how slow everything else pciel has is. The truly hard part of using this move is choosing your ender, see below:

    • (A Ender) A massive pile bunker hit in front of you. Spaced properly, this is safe on block VS most TYPICAL stuff, but don't be surprised when h-nanaya has a surprise for you after blocking this. Wallslams and does absolutely ridiculous damage and guard bar damage. Not like you're ever ever going to guardbreak anyone as c-pciel but its a neat gimmick I guess. This is a safe anti-mash string ender VS most of the cast, you'll learn very quickly who not to press this against.

    • (B Ender) Antiair pile bunker. This is unsafe on block VS the entire cast, anyone can dash 2a punish this. Air unblockable, but that antiair hitbox just isn't as big as you'd like it to be, and because this move has to be preceded by the command dash, it's far too slow to realistically use as an antiair anyway. If you're playing vs someone who loves to float around in the air all day with Hime this can be pretty funny and useful but you will get punished if it ever whiffs or is blocked, since you're in CH state for the entire recovery.

    • (C Ender) - The flipkick from 236A's second hit, but with a twist: it's air untechable. This is the most common 236B ender you will use due to how safe it is while arguably being a better antiair than B ender. The key to being good with this character is learning how to use this move and how and when to poke with it. When spaced correctly, it should be safe vs almost all "normal" things in the game. If you screw up and do it pointblank and they block it, don't be surprised if f-nanaya is capable of punishing with 2b or something. Use this move to get right in the face of zoners like C-roa and kick him out of his electricity fort. This move is surprisingly fast, but it's not houtenjin so don't try to abuse it.

  • (EX version) It's a pretty bad EX. It has no invulnerability but will sometimes bust through stuff anyway via the power of ancient aliens or something. This is just basically 236a with a better hitbox that gives you far less damage and no hard knockdown. Alternatively, it's 236B with an offensive hitbox but no followups. The one niche this move does have is that it carries on to the other side of the screen when you hit someone, as opposed to the non-EX moves which stop all movement when you hit someone (A) or press an ender (B). So this is the move to use if you want to hit nero out of his summons, but it sometimes even fails at that and gets chomped by C-nero's A-snake.
Shaft Drive
A Shaft Drive
623A~X followup
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
A 500,500,500 - 100% 7.0%,2.0%,2.0% 13f HL 5 11 19 -7 -

An uppercut as one of your abare options at 5f. Unfortunately, this doesn't have any invulnerability and it can also be blocked in the air so don't expect this bail you out of everything. That said, it has special property of having a followup as well as being able to retain air options if you don't cancel into the followup.

A/B/C Input 350,350,350,350 - 70% 8.0% - HL 9 Until Landing 16 -6 -

A sweet divekick, and whether you were shielded or not this bad boy will still come out. However it is still unsafe, and just throwing this out may not be a great idea. Hitting the opponent raw means you can combo out of it by using 3C as a pickup. As a combo ender it's pretty finnicky about whether or not it will trigger OTG state on your opponent and whether you'll stay on the same side. Generally, you'll want to hit this while you're above them. This initially makes combo enders hard to secure 236B~B for Oki.

B Shaft Drive
My people need me
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
3440 - 100%,100%,40%,40%,40%,40%,40% 30.0% - HL 10 14 28 -19 -

An uppercut that goes way,way higher than the A version. A 10f Anti-air as it's air unblockable unlike the A version AND you retain your air options. Pretty good for expression of movement when you want to circumvent horizontal control from your opponent. That said, it has long startup and you ARE left in the air, so use this to see how your opponent responds to that.

EX Shaft Drive
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
4000 - 100%,100%,40%,40%,40%,40%,40% -- - HL 30 10 -- -19 -

An EX version of the uppercut which is also air unblockable that retains your air movement. Unfortunately, this move doesn't have any invuln frames on it either. You can use this for damage enders on a successful 236B~B by doing otg 2A into this. Be sure about whether this will kill though because this will leave your opponent airborne at the end of it.

「」 - 236ABC(airborne)
  • (Description) - ...

  • (A version) - ...

  • (B version) - ...

  • (C version) - ...
  「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - ...

  • (A version) - ...

  • (B version) - ...

  • (C version) - ...

「」 - 214ABC(Airborne)


  • (A version) - ...

  • (B version) - ...

  • (C version) - ...
  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull